2 Important Characteristics Of A Profitable Blog

Each profitable blog has a few things in common and clearly identifiable. Characteristics that are not just part of their design but part of the core, part of what makes them successful and profitable.

Our goal here today is to help you identify those characteristics on your own blog and help you join the few celebrity bloggers. For more details www.blog-and-ping.com It is within your grasp you just need a bit of understanding and a proper process in place.

1. Identify Your Main Goal

Sounds simple, right? And yet when you visit some blogs it is so hard to figure out what is it they are trying to accomplish. Blogs littered with multiple banner ads, Google AdSense, multitude of dynamic widgets placed in what seems like random order.

Does description above resembles your blog?

Than continue reading because this part is designed to help you get rid of all he extra clatter and identify what is important. I can guarantee that you will see your blog profits soar as result.

Fact is – too much clatter on your blog not only doesn’t help you achieve your goal and monetize it but actually prevents you from it! Simplest way to do a “usability” test of your blog is to ask your friend or a family member to visit it and tell you what they think.

If they tell you that there is too much stuff on it, more often than not they will be right. It is hard to achieve a perfect balance when monetizing our blogs and this is where identification of your main goal comes into place.

Identify One Single Action you want your visitors to take:

* Be it an affiliate product sale that pays great commissions and directly related to your niche
* Subscription Form to your email list
* Sale of your own product

Whatever it might be – it should be ONE single action you want your visitors to take, action that would be most beneficial to you as blogger and rewards you for the superb content you provide to your niche.

Once you main goal is identified – find a couple more secondary goals. For more details www.building-blog-empire.com Idea here is to not overwhelm the visitor but offer choices besides your main offer, offers that will complement without competing directly with your main offer.

And once above is completed we can move into…

2. Force The Action

And by that I don’t mean you to push visitors into taking it but rather placing your offers into locations where they simply can’t be ignored.

* Main Offer – be sure you place it where it will be visible from EVERY single page on your blog and above the fold, meaning that people shouldn’t have to scroll to see it. It is one action you stand to benefit from the most and you should make it clearly visible and accessible. Top of your sidebar and at the top of each piece of content is perfect place.

TIP: Top left corner get the most clicks!

Don’t be shy about it – it is your reward for your great content!

Secondary Offers – should be easily found but still below you main offer. Sidebar is perfect location or below the post, integrated into template files. It helps you present your readers with choices and gives you more chances to earn while still making your main offer most prominent.www.bloggers-guide-to-profit.com

Business Means Profit

The next question which arises is how exhibition, events and fairs are worth for a business. Whether one should really care an use this concept to materialize the business in order to expand business and increase profit.

There two schools which have different parameters for the new era of Exhibition, Events, conferences, summits and trade shows.

One says , in order to be in business , one should attend such happenings to be in limelight of the business world and the expenses is must to be incurred,irrespective of no fruitful result .

The other school says, be in an event, exhibition and fairs and click the chances of business, because, there you are for business and people related to business comes handy. Further, they believe that may be one business man cannot afford to go places of the world to show its products and find buyers , but in such trade shows and exhibitions , you happen to meet as much as people come to
such events .

Both are right to the extent they support exhibition events, conferences, seminars and business summits as they are must for business.

Whereas, third school which is in minority laments such business trade shows to be wastage of time and money. Since, business is by demand and not by visiting events and exhibitions.

When one thinks after having gone through the thoughts aired by different schools of business , following things comes in the mind , which is also affirmed by the different surveys has had been conducted so far as regards to business vs trade shows :

a) Trade shows are must for a business .
b) Buyers and sellers stand on one platform and an get live buy and sell leads.
c) The chances of business to business increases in such events
d) It is economical as approaching different persons takes time and results
wastage of money whereas, such events saves time and money beside increases
probability of increasing the finding of buyers.
e) It increases you exposure to the business world
f) It also shows that you are a true businessman
g) Sometimes , the number of business events and exhibitions attended is taken
as a parameter to judge a company and its products .
h) Its also confirm the saying that one which is seen always, is sold