3 Easy Steps to Paying Cash and Owning your own Home! No Mortgage Needed! Really!

Everyone thought we were crazy for paying cash for our home!

Yes they did, they thought we were nuts. It was Aug 2007, I just married for the 2nd time in Sept. 2006. I was a single mom for 6 years and lost over $190,000 cash due to my ex-husband (17 years of hard work to boot). I was not willing to go through another crisis and risk being put out on the street one more time.Furthermore, my grandmother taught me to secure my home and you can weather the rest that life has to throw at you.

So, my new husband and I talked it over and decided to take out his retirement account (401K) and secure our home. Neither one of us had ever owned a home before. We had no idea of how to go about it. There is nothing on the internet or other on how to buy a house FREE and clear with your own cash. Everyone tells you to buy a house with other peoples money or be mortgaged up to the hilt. We both had a pretty good credit rating but, I wanted to live debt free for the first time in my life.

So, sit back, relax, and I will share with you how you can buy a house for cash!

Step 1 – Find a House you can afford to pay with cash!

Well, this was the easy part believe it or not! We were dropping our eldest daughter Danni off at Vacation Bible School and turned around. BAM! There is was. A little 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch home. We asked around the neighborhood and found out that it was vacant for well over 1 1/2 years. The owner was an 80 year old lady and had gotten fed up with the way her family treated the home. We did have to make some repairs and improvements. However, we later found out that she was asking $85,000.00. The asking price for us was $75,000.00. However, my husband negotiated with her for a final asking price of $65,000.00 (We needed to add railings for the porch, gutters, fencing, and landscaping for insurance purposes). We then proceeded on to the next step. Getting a Lawyer.

Step 2. Get a Lawyer to buy a house for cash!

Remember, my husband and I never bought a house before. We had no idea of how to go about this process. If we knew now what we did not know then, we would have bought a house a long time ago. It was so easy and went so well, we honestly could not believe how easy it was. To find a lawyer, I just went through the yellow pages of the telephone book. I spoke with 3 different firms and finally chose White, Choate, Watkins and Mroczko, LLC,

They were so professional and took care of everything. They did a title search (even guaranteed it). They took care of the property title transfer, property tax allocation, and more. They called us with the exact amount we needed to make the certified bank check for and gave us the closing date.

More Information on Buying your First Home!

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Step 3. The Big Day when you bought your house for Cash!

Now, three weeks later we are in the lawyers office and closing on the property. It lasted 20 minutes and BOOM! We are home owners. You might ask is it really that easy? YES, if you find the property yourself, negotiate the purchase price yourself, and get your own lawyer the process becomes so fast it makes your heads spin! In less then three weeks we were homeowners. Then it was off to the scratch and dent appliance store to purchase all brand new appliances to insure it will last us a long time. Oh yeah, here comes the moving truck!

It really is that simple! We still look back on this purchase as the easiest purchase we ever made. Buying our car was more difficult then buying our home! Try it! You will not regret it! This is a buyers market so go out there and get it!

Now, for those of you who will say, but you have no savings? Well, we have no credit card debit, no mortgage to worry about, and we made the necessary sacrifices that allowed us to lay a firm fiscal responsible foundation. Furthermore, that is why my husband works and I am attending college. Because, by the time I graduate in 2012, the job market will be wide open and I will be able to earn well over $300,000.00 a year. Let’s see, utilities are $500.00 month, property tax is $650.00 a year. Hum, I can put back $200,000.00 a year and have a savings account of one million dollars in 5 years.

Isn’t it time you gave it a try?

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Guide for Corporate Tax Preparation

Annually, millions of companies worldwide file corporate taxes which can really be a cause of concern due to the complexities involved. But to truly understand what corporate tax preparation is all about, it must be understood that businesses are classified into three main categories: small, medium, and large. Understanding how a business is classified is beneficial since the each category has its own requirements. First, a business corporation is technically known as small if its annual gross income does not exceed $2 million. Thus, many professional financial advisers often suggest to a small business to become a corporation to lessen tax costs and prevent personal lawsuits.

A critical information you should learn about corporate tax preparation are various income and deductions of a corporation which must be reported according to the annual accounting method used by the business. Usually, two known methods are being used today – the Cash Basis and the Accrual Basis. Knowing the difference between the two is good since the reports submitted to the authorities must be accurate and complete. In situations where your business apply the Cash Basis method, then corporate tax preparation should include income tax on the year it was received and minus the business-related expenses in the tax year it was paid.

On the contrary,when the Accrual Basis method is applied, there’s a different way to do corporate tax preparation. Preferably instead of making deductions of business related expenses in the tax year it was paid, the deduction must be made on the year those expenses accrued. At this point, you understand why corporate tax preparation is a complex process since it depends on some factors beginning with the accounting method. The following list gives you a rundown of what you need for corporate tax preparation:

1) A copy of the previous corporation tax return filed with the IRS, state, & city.

2) The filing receipt you received from the state where the business was incorporated.

3) The corporation’s federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) given by the IRS and the State Identification Number from the state where it was incorporated.

4) Documents filed and accepted by the IRS and the state if the corporation has elected to file as a subchapter S corporation.

5) A copy of your state sales tax certificate.

There are still some forms that can be submitted so it would be good to solicit the opnion of a corporate tax preparation specialists.

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Article(C)2009 – 2010 cluense, all rights reserved. Cluense
creates articles and posts online. She creates articles on, accounting,
entrepreneur, political issues, small business, society, relationships,
taxes, work from home businesses, and Tutorials. She also has a strong
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Spanish Prime Minister’s Teen Daughters Are Goth?

The Older Generation Fashion Style vs. The New Generation Fashion Trends

It amazes me how times change and evolve. The younger generation
believes that their individualistic fashion trends are better than the older generation’s
sense of fashion style. Moreover, they make personal statements by adorning
themselves with tattoo’s, body pear-sing, and Gothic style clothing. They
honestly think that this is the way they should make their generations trendsetting
fashion statement. However, it only
makes them look and act like freaks. Moreover, they think that the older
generation is just out of touch with today’s fashion trends. However, I feel as
though my generation was more in touch with fashion style then trends. Moreover,
we did not need to make our statements of individuality by dressing up like
vampires. Therefore, I have concluded that the older generation had very
different fashion values then today’s generation.

Funny Video Of the above Photo

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Moreover, let us look at resent events; a scandal
broke out over the Goth dressing of Prime Minister of Spain’s two daughters.
Moreover, “Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapaterohis Zapatero has tried to
keep his daughters, Laura, 16, and Alba, 13, out of the public eye but the
picture taken with President and Mrs. Obama has gone viral.” (Cheryl Phillips,
2009). Furthermore, why would he allow his daughters to go to a political
function in Goth Dress and then try to get the photo’s yanked from the
internet? It just goes to show how embarrassed he is of his own daughter’s unprofessional
and inappropriate choice of clothing. Therefore, it further proves my point,
that his generation would never tolerate the embarrassment of publicly
displaying his daughter’s apparent lack of self restraint and loose fashion values.

Futhermore, the older generation
believed in dressing professionally and appropriately for the occasion. We were
taught to never give anyone any cause to single you out for ridicule.
Furthermore, we were taught the value of self restraint and making a good first
impression. Therefore, the repercussions that this one fallacy in judgment will
only further the cause of the younger generation’s lack of values. Moreover, “The black clothing worn by both
girls and the calf-high boots worn by one of his daughter would most certainly
cause Spain’s adolescent goth’s to rejoice.” (Cheryl Phillips, 2009). The older
generation knew better than to feed the younger generations fashion trends.
Moreover, that is the exact reason that he never let his daughters to be
photographed up until now. Furthermore, “The Prime Minister had no idea of this
when he tried to stop the spread of the photo.”

In conclusion, we as the older
generation must guard against the younger generations trendy fashion
statements. Furthermore, we must bring back the fashion values of the older
generation’s sense of fashion style. Therefore, I have concluded that the older
generation had very different fashion values then today’s generation.


Phillips, Cheryl. Posted September
29th, 2009. Spanish Prime Minister’s
Teen Daughters Are Goth. Retrieved September 28, 2009, from: http://www.huliq.com/8059/87062/spanish-prime-ministers-teen-daughters-are-goth

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Article(C)2009 – 2010 cluense, all rights reserved. Cluense creates articles and posts online. She creates articles on, accounting, entrepreneur, political issues, small business, society, relationships, taxes, work from home businesses, and Tutorials. She also has a strong passion for writing.

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Fair Tax – What Is The FairTax Act Law?

Fair Tax Act

You might be wondering who is behind The Fair Tax Act. Is it
the crazy left wing liberals? Maybe it’s the wild eyed extremists on the right?
Or is it those loony libertarians? However,
supporters of the Fair Tax Act (H.R.
25) transcend all party lines.

Moreover, the Fair Tax supporters don’t fit any predetermined
mold. They come from all walks of life, rich, poor, upper class, and middle
class. No, it’s pretty hard to peg Fair Tax supporters. Therefore, just like the
Boston Tea party protesters, they represent a broad cross section of America. They
are liberal, conservative, libertarian, and everything else in between. Moreover,
it is an American cause and believe it or not, it is not about politics at all.
It’s about taking back control of our government, and returning power back to
the people, where it belongs in the first place. That is why I believe that the “Fair Tax Act” is better
taxation with proper representation.

What Is The Fair Tax Act (HR 25, S 296) you might ask?

It Is the nonpartisan legislation. It
abolishes all federal personal and corporate income taxes, gift, estate,
capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and
self-employment taxes and replaces them with one simple, visible, federal
retail sales tax administered primarily by existing state sales tax
authorities. (Fairtax.org, 2009a)

Therefore, the Fair Tax is a
single-rate of 23% of federal retail
sales tax collected only once, at the final point of purchase of new goods and
services for personal consumption only (it is the final sellable product).
Furthermore, all used items, and business-to-business purchases for the
production of goods and services are not taxed. A rebate makes the effective
rate progressive. Moreover,

The Fair Tax Act (H.R. 25) has several objectives

Including tax simplification and economic growth. It abolishes the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS), the federal agency that currently collects and
administers federal taxes, and shifts the vast majority of these
responsibilities to the individual state sales tax authorities.

Adopting such a fundamental reform would have
implications for the entire process of collecting and administering taxes in
the United States. The roles and responsibilities of governments at all levels,
businesses, and individuals would change under the FairTax.

Individuals would no longer file tax returns,
businesses would be responsible for collecting and remitting the tax to the
states, and state governments would process the revenue collections and forward
the appropriate revenue amount to the federal government. (Tuerck, David G, 2007)

However, under our current Income Tax System, an individual
can make an undisclosed amount of unreported income and not report it on their
tax return. Moreover, this act of tax evasion is responsible for sucking
billions and trillions of revenue away from our national treasury on an annual

America has two economies: First, there’s the
legitimate economy, in which craftsmen are licensed and employers and employees
pay taxes. Then there’s the fast-growing underground economy, where millions of
nannies, construction workers, landscapers and others are paid off the books,
their incomes largely untaxed. The best guess as to the size of the output of
this shadow economy is about $970 billion, or nearly 9% that of the real economy.
It could soon pass $1 trillion. (McTague,
Jim. 2005)

Furthermore, this willful
act of tax evasion, which is wide spread on all economic levels, would come to
a complete halt should the FairTax Act be implemented. Therefore, this act ensures
Social Security and Medicare funding for future generations to enjoy. However,
this security that might not be around by the time you or I retire under the
current economic deficit. Furthermore,
there would not be any more tax shelters for the rich to get richer and the
poor to stay poorer. Moreover, the Fair
Tax Act closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation. Therefore, the Act brings with it transparency
and accountability to the tax policy.

The FairTax taxes us only on what we choose
to spend on new goods or services, not on what we earn. The FairTax is a fair,
efficient, transparent, and intelligent solution to the frustration and
inequity of our current tax system. (Fairtax.org,

Payroll Taxes

The Fair Tax plan is a comprehensive proposal
that replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated
approach including a progressive national retail sales tax, a prebate to ensure
no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level,
dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality, and, through companion
legislation, the repeal of the 16th Amendment. (Fairtax.org, 2009a)

Therefore, This Act will allow workers to keep their entire paychecks, retirees to
keep their entire pensions and will provide refunds in advance for the tax on
purchases of basic necessities. However, under the 16th Amendment we
impose taxes on wages, social security, pensions, and offer only the Welfare
system to assist with basic needs for low income families. Therefore, the
Probate works like this:

valid Social Security cardholders who are U.S. residents receive a monthly
prebate equivalent to the Fair Tax paid on essential goods and services, also
known as the poverty level expenditures. The prebate is paid in advance, in
equal installments each month. The size of the prebate is determined by the
Department of Health & Human Services’ poverty level guideline multiplied
by the tax rate. This is a well-accepted, long-used poverty-level calculation
that includes food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medical care, etc. (Fairtax.org,

2009 Fair Tax Prebate Schedule

How The Fair Tax is collected

By retail businesses from the consumer, just as the current sales tax
that is currently collected. However, the Fair Tax is simply an additional line
on the current sales tax reporting form. Firstly, retailers collect the tax and
send it to the state taxing authority. Secondly, all businesses that are serving
as collection agents receive a fee for collection, and the states also receive
a collection fee. Thirdly, the tax
revenues from the states are then sent to the U.S. Treasury.

the FairTax Plan, poor people pay no net Fair Tax at all up to the poverty
level! Every household receives a rebate that is equal to the Fair Tax paid on
essential goods and services, and wage earners are no longer subject to the
most regressive and burdensome tax of all, the payroll tax. Those spending at
twice the poverty level pay a tax of only 11.5 percent — a rate much lower than
the income and payroll tax burden they bear today. (Fairtax.org, 2009c)

However, our present income tax
system is one of the reasons that people are finding it so hard to get ahead
these days. Furthermore, this is also one of the reasons that our next
generation will not have a standard of living as high as ours. Therefore, our
current system of taxation is holding us back and making it to impossible to
improve our future generation’s standard of living.

Imagine The FairTax –

Fair Tax Dramatically Improves Economic Growth

the federal income tax, slow economic growth and recessions have a
disproportionately adverse impact on lower-income families.

in these families are more likely to lose their jobs, are less likely to have
the resources to weather bad economic times, and are more in need of the initial
employment opportunities that a dynamic, growing economy provides. Retaining
the present tax system makes economic progress needlessly slow, thus harming
low-income people the most.

In contrast, the FairTax dramatically improves economic growth and wage rates
for all, but especially for lower-income families and individuals. In addition
to receiving the monthly FairTax prebate, these taxpayers are freed from
regressive payroll taxes, the federal income tax, and the compliance burdens
associated with each. They pay no more business taxes hidden in the price of
goods and services, and used goods are tax free. (Fairtax.org, 2009c)

Moreover, it is making it difficult
for our businesses to compete with the international markets and it is wasting valuable
resources by forcing us to complying with needless paperwork.

The current
U.S. income tax code is widely regarded by just about everyone as unfair,
complex, wasteful, confusing, and costly. Businesses and other organizations
spend more than six billion hours each year complying with the federal tax
code. Estimated compliance costs conservatively top $225 billion annually—costs
that are ultimately embedded in retail prices paid by consumers.

The Internal
Revenue Code cannot simply be “fixed,” which is amply demonstrated by
more than 35 years of attempted tax code reform, each round resulting in yet
more complexity and unrelenting, page-after-page, mind-numbing verbiage (now
exceeding 54,000 pages containing more than 2.8 million words). (Vance, Laurence M, 2005)

There is only
one word to describe the fact that the federal government now spends almost $3
trillion a year: obscene. At least 90 percent of what the federal government
spends is unconstitutional, wasteful, or against the limited-government principles
of the Founders. The only thing the Fair Tax does is change the way the state
confiscates the wealth of its citizens. As Congressman Ron Paul says: “The
real issue is total spending by government, not tax reform.” (Vance, Laurence M, 2005)

Fair Tax Benefits

Therefore, we as American’s can do better
and we must. However, some individuals would like taxes to completely disappear.

Because the Fair Tax is a consumption tax, Murray Rothbard’s conclusion
about consumption taxes is apropos:

The consumption tax, on the other hand, can only be regarded as a
payment for permission-to-live. It implies that a man will not be allowed to
advance or even sustain his own life, unless he pays, off the top, a fee to the
State for permission to do so. The consumption tax does not strike me, in its
philosophical implications, as one whit more noble, or less presumptuous, than
the income tax.

The Fair Tax does nothing to tame the federal leviathan. The solution is
nothing less than a drastic reduction or wholesale elimination of its revenue
source. What is fair about allowing the government to confiscate 23 percent of
the value of every new good and service? Fair Tax proponents may call it
necessary legislation, but I call it highway robbery. (Vance, Laurence M, 2005)

However, what individuals like the
above fail to understand is that,

Research on the price of consumer
goods reveals that up to 20% of all prices today represent hidden income taxes
and payroll taxes. Once these taxes are repealed and replaced with the FairTax,
it is likely that market pressure would force retail prices to fall.

Eliminating embedded taxes will also
do something else — it will remove significant price disadvantages suffered by
American producers competing with tax-free imports. Eliminating corporate
income taxes and capital gains taxes, which the Fair Tax would do, would likely
make the American economy the most desirable place in the world to do business.

Another benefit of the Fair Tax is
that, unlike other sales taxes, it would not hit the poorest Americans the hardest.
The Fair Tax proposal calls for sending every American a “prebate”
check to offset the cost of the national sales taxes paid by those living in
poverty. This feature would effectively exempt those living below the poverty
line from paying taxes to the federal government, and provide all taxpayers
with a reimbursement of a portion of taxes paid.

The Fair Tax rate is 23% on retail
sales when calculated “inclusively,” as are income tax rates. It
will, in a fairer, more transparent and less-expensive way, raise the same
amount of money the federal government now collects through the income and
payroll taxes. Because it would be levied on consumption at the final point of
sale, instead of on earnings, it would dramatically expand the tax base. The Fair Tax would collect revenue from the underground economy. Even illegal
immigrants and the 40 million foreign tourists who visit the U.S. each year
would pay it. (Linbeck, Leo, 2007)

FairTax Greatest Benefit

distributional effects of the Fair Tax have been extensively studied, and
although the proposal has distinct advantages for investors and wealth creation
across the income spectrum, the greatest benefit of the Fair Tax is to low- and
moderate-income Americans. The effect of eliminating regressive payroll taxes
is commonly overlooked when analyzing the Fair Tax, but it would have a very
significant impact, as these taxes represent the single largest tax burden on
these income earners.

Significantly, the Fair Tax eliminates all loopholes, gimmicks,
exemptions and deductions from the federal tax system. Under the Fair Tax,
Congress would no longer be able to reward friends, punish enemies or
manipulate behavior through the tax code. The Fair Tax would also eliminate the
lucrative tax lobbying practices that represent more than 50% of all lobby
dollars spent annually in Washington.

It’s no surprise, then, to see that vested interests have argued
against the Fair Tax and in favor of keeping the mortgage interest deduction.
But wouldn’t it be better for everyone to stop the IRS from withholding from
paychecks; to see the price of new homes — and all other goods — drop by
removing embedded costs; and to have interest rates fall as the savings rate
increases? Is it really in everyone’s interests to keep the income-tax system
so that one-third of taxpayers can go on deducting a portion of their mortgage
interest from their federal taxes?

There have been many tax reform proposals over the years, but
most of them simply call for reforming around the margins of the existing tax
system. The President’s Advisory Panel on Tax Reform was assembled by the Bush
administration and concluded its work a few years ago. Instead of seriously
looking at the Fair Tax, the panel looked at a very different type of
consumption tax, riddled with exemptions, and then declared that it would be
too expensive and that the rate would have to be far higher than the Fair Tax

In Conclusion

Politically, the Fair Tax will only become law once enough
citizens demand that it be enacted, overcoming the self-interest that members
of Congress and others have in holding onto the current system. It is debatable
whether a modern, citizen-led tax revolution is possible. But the growing
popularity (even among presidential candidates) of the Fair Tax suggests that
another Boston Tea Party may be at hand. (Linbeck,
Leo, 2007)

I want to see this country return to the
principles of personal freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore,

Do women have the right to vote in this
country? Did we pass Prohibition? Did we repeal it? Do Civil Rights guarantee
freedoms far beyond the lunch counter and mass transit? Do free-market
economies dominate Eastern Europe, peoples once under the boot of communism?

All these were grassroots efforts that
effected significant changes in our nation and the world. Is the current income
tax system any less a yoke around the necks of otherwise free peoples? We think

Passing the original 16th Amendment and the income tax wasn’t easy and
repealing the income tax and the 16th Amendment won’t be easy either.

That is why the Fair Tax has undertaken to
build a grassroots movement and grassroots alliances to support the effort.
When the Fair Tax generates unprecedented economic growth in the first few
months of its effective date, citizens nationwide will make it clear to
Washington that they want to make the change permanent. But this will only
happen when the American people rally behind the effort, throw off the yoke,
and demand rectification of 90 years of wrongs done by the income tax. (Fairtax.org,

Moreover, our great “America” was
founded upon these principals and somehow we have allowed our government to
slowly take away our freedom. Furthermore, it is time that the sleepers awaken
to a new dawn and we demand our freedom from taxation without caring
representation. Therefore, that is why I believe that the “Fair Tax Act” is better taxation with proper

FairTax: The Truth: Answering the Critics Buy Now 

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Article(C)2009 – 2010 cluense, all rights reserved. Cluense creates articles and posts online. She creates articles on, accounting, entrepreneur, political issues, small business, society, relationships, taxes, work from home businesses, and Tutorials. She also has a strong passion for writing.

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Chronic Bronchitis Symptoms

If you have chronic bronchitis, it means that you have reoccurring symptoms for at least three months out of a consecutive two years. After other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases have been factored out, the diagnosis of chronic bronchitis then comes into the picture.

One of the causes for chronic bronchitis includes inflammatory damage of the bronchial tubes due to acute bronchitis that didn’t go away or chronic smoking. Chronic swelling of the bronchial tubes can be caused by other irritants as well, such as pollens, pollutants, and chemicals.

As chronic bronchitis prolongs and it’s contagious, there is a decrease in the amount of airflow. This is due to the thickening of the bronchial walls. When this happens, the inflammation has affected the lungs and has turned into COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

It is important for you to recognize acute and chronic bronchitis symptoms so that you can reach a proper diagnosis. This will help to prevent conditions like COPD, or help your doctor understand how to control it.

The best way to reduce symptoms of the condition is to avoid environmental factors that could problematic. For example, stop smoking if you smoke. Wear a mask if you are constantly exposed to airborne irritants in your workplace.

If needed, there are medical treatments that help persisting coughs. The most useful are bronchodilators. The effects, however, on long-term patients haven’t been studied.

The main reason why the human population coughs is because of chronic bronchitis. The symptoms are usually more moderate than acute symptoms, but having a continual cough and chest soreness doesn’t sound very pleasant.

If you can stay away from airborne irritants, you will most likely have better results in reducing your symptoms and signs.

Treatment should be under the advice of a medial doctor. Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions even if it seems like you have gotten better.

Chronic bronchitis is known to come back quickly if treatment has halted or discontinued. If possible, do what you can to reduce the symptoms by controlling your environment. There are some medications that can help you in the process as your system begins to heal itself.

The Fantastic Health Benefits of Laughter

Ages ago, when someone coined the term “laughter is the best medicine”, they just knew, on an intuitive level, that something was up, that the health benefits of laughter existed in more than just an observational way.

Self-Healing Expressions

Today, with the capacity to be able to do scientific testing, we can now show what some of the health benefits of laughter actually are. For, example, when someone is “stressed out”, his or her body releases stress hormones like cortisol and nor-epinephrine, which are built into our bodies from ancient times when we had to hunt for food and fight other tribes and people for our survival. These hormones still kick in today, when we’re caught in heavy, slow-moving traffic, or the kids are screaming, or you have to meet a deadline at work, or you have an argument with someone you love, etc. However, the health benefits of laughter are such that they reduce the adverse effects of these stressful situations. There are an abundance of health benefits when you are filled with gales of laughter!

During laughter you feel so fantastic because your body/brain releases serotonin, a mood elevator/feel good hormone, which courses throughout your body. Endorphins are also released, which are the body’s natural pain killer hormones, and they are also mood elevators.

In addition, during laughter the muscles of your stomach and chest contract, resulting in the health benefits of massaging your inner organs like the intestines, liver, spleen, etc. Gulping in each breath of air during strong, boisterous laughter also benefits your heart and lung health by giving them an aerobic workout. Furthermore, blood is more quickly sent coursing through your blood vessels also giving you joyful, increased cardiovascular conditioning for improved circulation.

A study at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, showed that 40% of people who had heart disease were less likely to laugh in many situations, compared to people of the same age without heart disease. (Too much mental stress causes inflammatory conditions in the blood vessels leading to damage and a build-up of fat and cholesterol and the probability of a heart attack). Remember, some of the health benefits of laughter are the release of serotonin and endorphins, which aid in stress reduction by reducing the adverse effects of the stress hormones!

Scientific experiments have also shown that when watching funny movies, people were discovered to have released infection-fighting proteins into their saliva, which could then be measured.

In social situations the health benefits of laughter are such that they bring people together by putting everyone in a good mood and allow them to be more relaxed with each other.

If you click on the link below, you will be directed to the Self Healing Expressions website (look for the 3rd column on the right marked “Physical Healing”) and the delightful Laughter Therapy e-mail course Laughter for the Healing Heart by laugh therapist, Lynn Shaw. Get ready to be amused and entertained, and to give yourself the gift of laughter for the health of your mind and body.

With the all the many health benefits of laughter, each of us should make time, not only to exercise, eat well, and sleep well, but also to make sure that we have a good, lusty laugh every day!

Impetigo Prevention

Since impetigo is a skin virus that is caused by contact with the virus through physical touch or using objects an infected person has used, there are a few practical tips parents should keep in mind on how to prevent impetigo. Cleaning your child’s toys with a combination of bleach, vinegar and water if your little has recently has a play date and sanitizing your child’s hands before and after school lessen the chances that your son or daughter will get impetigo. But the most important factor when stopping the development of impetigo is to strengthen the immune system so the virus doesn’t have a chance to affect the body.

Vitamin C is important when it comes to impetigo prevention. Give your child a vitamin C supplement every morning with breakfast to boost energy, cleanse the immune system and purify the blood. There are a number of gummy vitamins on the market right now as well that make it easy for kids to take their vitamins. Of course, feeding a child foods that are rich in vitamin C like leafy green vegetables (i.e. broccoli, cabbage, kale), citrus fruits and berries can also supply him with the adequate daily amount of vitamin C, which helps to keep impetigo away.

Ingredients that have virus-fighting properties can also aid in impetigo prevention. Foods that are rich in zinc like snow peas and lentils remove infection from the body, often before it has the chance to do damage. Zinc also strengthens the cells and purifies the blood. Eating these foods with brown rice provides the body with substantial fiber, which is also helpful in preventing impetigo. Fiber moves impurities through the intestines quicker and prompts the impetigo virus to leave the body quicker.

You can also give your child green tea, which is a potent antioxidant and antibacterial ingredient that will stop impetigo in its tracks. Since the taste of green tea can be a little bitter for children, add all-natural apple juice or muddled berries to the tea to improve the taste. It’s also best to choose a decaffeinated version of green tea so you don’t accelerate your child’s nervous system and cause additional symptoms like nausea or headaches. Add some honey to the green tea to make your child’s immune system stronger and to encourage the white blood cells to let go of foreign substances in the body. Or, give you child a spoonful of honey each morning to keep impetigo from affecting the body, especially if your little one has just experienced an outbreak. Honey can be applied directly to impetigo sores and covered with bandages until the sores have dried.

It’s also a good idea to include a number of herbs, oils and teas into your child’s care routine. This is especially the case if your child goes to a crowded school or constantly interacts with other children in a preschool or playground setting. Lemon tea infused with herbs like dandelion and chamomile have powerful infection-fighting powers that will keep your child’s energy levels up and lessen the likelihood that impetigo will fully flourish in your little one’s body. Herbs like echinacea and red raspberry leaf remove infectious cells from the liver, intestines, kidneys, throat cells and blood stream.

Oils like bergamot and tea tree are beneficial if you want to put together a proactive plan to keep your child from getting impetigo. Tea tree oil removes infection from the skin instantly, and can be applied topically to your child’s skin at the first sign of an impetigo sore. Your little one can also bathe in tea tree oil after he or she has been playing in the park with other children, or has had a play date with several children. Place a few drops of tea tree oil in the bathwater. Or, add bergamot oil to your child’s bath for antibacterial power. Bergamot also has a pleasant citrus scent , so you can place a few drops of the oil in a humidifier to boost the energy levels of everyone in the home and lessen your family’s chances of contracting impetigo.

How to stop diarrhea

Diarrhea has become a very common issue for the people of all age. It is defined as watery stools which are passed more than three times a day. Under normal conditions, a person can easily recover from this condition commonly like green diarrhea in a day or two. However, if the issue still persists, it is to be taken as a warning call. It can lead to dehydration. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to know how to stop diarrhea.

The first thing is to do the self analysis. You should be able to identify what caused diarrhea. There may be a case when you are travelling in a third world country and you didn’t get hygienic food. Polluted water can also be one the causes of diarrhea. Another factor, which is most common, is eating old leftover food.

One of the frequent treatment when it comes to suggesting the answer to the question, how to stop diarrhea is to replace the lost fluid. This is done usually by giving a lot of water to the patient. Milk can also act as agent providing nutrients but it prolongs diarrhea. These remedies are for the patients with low or mild problem. As the stage gets worse, a proper check up from the doctor is essential. He may advise the patient to take some electrolyte solution. Eating probiotic yoghurt can also reduce the duration of the disease.

There are many people who have no knowledge about how to stop diarrhea. For such people, it is advised to gain some knowledge on this matter as immediate right actions can reduce the severity of the disease. The basic to know is the diet which is suitable for such patients. The diarrhea patient must be given bananas, apples and rice to eat in his food. This is usually suggested for children but the elders can have a positive impact as well. It is always good not to give any medicines for this problem. Diarrhea is considered to be a positive way of getting rid from the bugs that are stored in your body. Unless, some doctor advise, it is better to suffer for some time.

By not knowing how to stop diarrhea can lead to severe consequences. Your mere ignorance will put the life of your loved at stake. Give proper rest to the patient. Exertion and anxiety can worsen the situation at times. In case you think that the pain in beyond your control and you simply cannot stand it for a long time, and then it is high time you see a doctor.

You can also get a book regarding which provides some basic information on this matter. Going to the hospital at the right time also means a lot. If it is a child of more than three months and has been vomiting from more than twelve hours, then take it as a warning call. If the baby’s age is less than three months then the child specialist should be consulted at that very moment. Black or oily looking stools are a signal for doctor’s call as well.

Nature and Causes For Hemorrhoids

What is hemorrhoids? It is an anal ailment characterized by the swelling or enlargement of the veins around the rectum or anal canal. The swelling of the superficial veins can be due to many causes which you will know along the way.

There are two known types of categories for hemorrhoids which are internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids affect the inner part of the anal canal while external hemorrhoids take place around the opening of the anal canal. People suffering from internal ones usually experience bleeding in the anal area like when there is blood on the stool after defecating especially after passing a hard stool. Another common manifestation of internal one is itching. Itching happens due to some discharge from the internal hemorrhoids which causes skin irritation. On the other hand, people suffering from external ones usually feel soreness and discomfort by strangulation in their anal area in view of the fact that the external ones have developed into a lump. Bleeding in the anal area may also result from this type of hemorrhoids.

The swelling of the superficial veins in the anal canal or in the rectal area happens when there is too much pressure in the veins of the pelvic and anal area. When the veins swell or are stretched out to a great extent the tissue around them will get bigger producing hemorrhoids.

It is often linked with constipation, obesity and pregnancy. Let’s try to find out why they are associated with hemorrhoids.

The common cause of developing them is constipation. This happens when you strain too much to pass a hard stool thereby creating pressure in the anal area and may even lead to bleeding. Obesity, on the other hand, increases the possibility for them because of too much weight which increases the pressure all over the body especially in the pelvic and anal area. Hemorrhoids is also a common ailment of pregnant women. Pregnancy and giving birth can also give cause for it to develop because the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy will increase the flow of the blood to the pelvic and anal areas and the thrusting and pushing during labor will increase the pressure in the anal area. Aside from all these things, hemorrhoids may also develop due to some health conditions.

Medication and life style changes to overcome depression

There are many people in this world who say that they are feeling depressed. Constant depression is to be taken as a disease and should be well treated in time. This can be done either by proper medication or buy consulting some psychiatrist. It should be remembered that the worst depression case can be treated as well and people can be taken out from their depressed world. Some of the most effective ways of overcoming depression include regular exercise, proper medication, talk therapy, life style choices and the natural supplements.

Each case if different from the other and thus there is no hard and fast rule for coming out of depression. Therefore, it is essential that you know of various methods and choices that are available to you and later you can practice the one which suits you the best. The entire treatment is more about being consistent and determined. There is no magic spell which can take you out of his problem. It will take time and you have to be patient and stick to one treatment. Only then some fruitful results will be visible.

The very first step is to know the reason behind your depression or in other words, determine the symptoms of the depression. One factor could be the underlying medication process which you might be going through. Once you know the reason you will be in a better position to hit the nail on target. If the depression is severe, then severe treatment s required.

You will not be in a position to find the treatments of your case in first go. It requires time and several hit and trial process will be done. The therapist will check with which treatment you are more responsive and then he will continue that process.

Medications have being helpful in overcoming this problem but it should be remembered that relying solely on medication is not the right solution to this problem. It shows good result only when it is accompanied by some therapy. Many reports claim that exercise and therapies are more effective tools of overcoming the depression as they do not have any negative side effects.

If you think you are falling in depression, the best thing to do is to get active in some social circle. Meet with people and socialize. Make friends and new connections. There is no harm in discussing your problems with them as well. The more you are surrounded by people, the lesser the chance of falling in depression.

Good eating habits will refrain you from this problem. Healthy diet is beneficial for you physical and mental health. This is also involves healthy activities which include proper sleep, a regularized routine and proper exercise. All these activities assist you in maintaining good mood and trigger the growth process. Once your mood swings are minimized, you will remain calm and satisfied with your current scenario and the probability of falling in depression will be relatively low. Stress is the foundation of depression. Therefore avoid it to maximum.