Is it OK to use tampons when you’re a virgin?

Many of you have jumped right in and offered up words of advice and support on many matters of health and wellness. Now let’s turn our attention to a younger reader who has reached out in her blog for our help.

Katea posted:

I am virgin, 15 years old  and I have a big problem.

Katea wants to know if it is OK to use tampons before she chooses to become sexually active. She needs our advice soon because — as every woman with a period and an adorable tankini knows well — she wants to spend a lot of time at the beach this summer.

While using tampons from their first period is no big deal for many young women, others are concerned about preserving the hymen or even their virginity. While virginity is defined as someone who has never had sexual intercourse and tampons are generally regarded as safe for use by virgins, some women are simply unsure if they can go through with it.

Whatever Katea’s (or your own) concerns are, please offer her some of your experiences and guidance.

Do you think it is OK to use tampons while you are a virgin?

And what concerns did you have about your body before you had sex the first time?

The Editor’s Reply:

I had to get a crash course in tampons when I started my period two days before leaving for Florida for a marine biology trip when I was 15–and still a virgin. From my experience, I had no problems with the tampons and actually never went back to pads after that. Several years later when I did decide to become sexually active, my hymen was still intact. I know that everyone is different and people’s bodies react differently to each situation, but I have never had any problems with tampons. I would suggest to Katea to try tampons if she is comfortable with the idea but if she experiences pain or discomfort to discontinue the use. I think using tampons is completely different from intercourse and she can consider herself a virgin, even if her hymen tears. By the way, a woman’s hymen can tear from any number of activities, not just sex. Yes tampons can do it, but also playing sports, riding a horse, a jaring fall or accident. Also, sometimes the hymen doesn’t tear when a woman does have sex for the first time.

Pooping is good

If you’re tired of going days between bowel movements , dealing with embarrassing gas, and the pain of your bloating stomach, we can honestly tell you, relief is here. If you have ever read your laxative bottle, I’ll bet it says “Consult your doctor if symptoms persist longer than 7 days or product does not provide relief”. Laxatives, when they work, provide a temporary fix. You can’t spend your life on laxatives !

Reasons to do something about your constipation

Constipation presents more of a problem than just infrequent bowel movements. Some of the complications that constipation can cause are;

Hemorrhoids and the further complications they bring
Hemorrhoids can be either internal or external . They are actually a swelling of the veins around the anus. Under good conditions, they can hurt , burn and itch, even make your pooping blood (here). Add constipation and hard stools, and they will make your life miserable. The tearing and/or bursting of them creates the bleeding that accompanies this condition. Many cases require surgery.

Anal fissures
Anal fissures occurs when the anus actually tears. This is from the passage ( or attempt) of harden stool.

Fecal impaction
Fecal impaction is when the stool is literally stuck. It can not or will not move. At this point, serious methods are employed to remove the waste. These can be professional procedures such as enemas and clinical strength laxatives. In extreme cases, manual disimpaction or surgery is preformed.

Untreated, Constipation will Change your Life

You may know this all too well. This condition creeps into almost every area of your life. You can lose your energy and your desire to do things. It can suck the fun out of just about everything. It actually changes your life. Depression can set in. Frustration develops as over the counter laxatives fail. You avoid some activities and say “no” to some social events. The bloating affects your self image. It makes you feel fat and uncomfortable. Your performance at work may suffer. Sleep is often disrupted as you toss and turn waiting for the discomfort to end. If the pain doesn’t keep you from sleeping, the worry and frustration does. This can start “the cycle” of poor sleep and dragging yourself through another painful, gassy, bloated, constipated day. Don’t let yourself go through life like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know this method works ?
A. This method has helped thousands with their constipation, bloating, gas , and IBS type symptoms.

Q. What if the method doesn’t provide relief ?
A. The system is backed by a money back guarantee.

Q. Does this website offer medical advice ?
A. Absolutely not. We , nor any of any affiliated website, are not doctors or medical professionals.

Q. Why is your site called “food that makes you poop” ?
A. Food does play a major role in constipation , IBS and other digestive problems.

Respiratory Benefits of Isometrics

Isometrics is a form of exercise that uses the resistance of muscles themselves to tighten and strengthen. There is not much movement of the muscles including lengthening and changing positions, as with regular exercise. Instead, it is an exercise that can build and transform fat into muscle, without overtaxing joints. Isometric contractions are also a great way to focus and develop proper breathing and to strengthen the muscles that aid in respiratory function.

Good respiratory habits help to increase blood flow to all areas and increase lung capacity. Deep breathing during a workout not only opens the lungs, but help with relaxation and concentration as well. For those who cannot over-exert themselves during a work-out, isometrics is a great way to exercise. You do not overtax your muscles and it is for all people. Even those that cannot do a lot of physical exertion will find isometrics rewarding. All types of exercise are good for the body. Your body needs exercise and exercise usually leads to better breathing, which we all need.

Isometrics is quickly becoming a popular way to work out. It has gotten a lot of notice and recognition over the years with many health care professionals. It is a safe way to work out all your muscles, increase lung function, and overall, strengthen your body. It is not like running on a treadmill, which can cause you to breathe too fast, or not properly. So, breathe deep and let the air fill your lungs as you stretch, and strengthen your muscles into shape.

Truth about six pack abs

For the fitness fanatic, sporting that coveted six-pack is like an alluring temptress – always beyond one’s reach. Of course, there are a zillion how-to guides out there that guarantee that you will develop that body-builder physique in no time at all. These books typically suggest super routines that are supposed to give you muscular abs, a massive structured look, and have you looking like a Greek God. But do you think twice about investing in one of them? Especially if you have been taken by those incredible promises, that are no truer than they seem; after all if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all, right? Well, join the club, exactly my thoughts!

In reality, I was not a strapping youth by a long shot, but I did draw a second glance! And I tried to remain fit and healthy, with regular exercise, sensible food choices and plenty of rest. But all my efforts to acquire those attractive abdominals seemed utterly futile. No, I would never delude myself into thinking that I would one day be that sinewy guy featured on that big brand fashion mag. No. But, I deserved a reasonable chance at building something close to a brawny frame. Nevertheless, I gave up too simply blaming my genes and ready to call it quits.

And then I happened on the Truth about Six-Pack Abs, truly a product to contend with. To be honest, I have to admit that at the outset I was not totally enamored by the claims. Despite my skepticism, my curiosity got the better of me, and I told myself this would be my very last weight-loss book. And it was! The author Mike Geary writes an unpretentious report filled with hard facts on exercising right, emphasizing on the importance of a prudent diet plan, in addition to offering meal suggestions. The Truth about Six-Pack Abs does not merely recommend the right exercises to get a six-pack, but goes a step further and explodes myths about attaining that washboard belly. Provides some intriguing thoughts on that front I must say. Make no mistake, a personal trainer that Mike is, you can be sure this is coming from the horse’s mouth.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a little over a hundred pages of concrete info on the very best ab training techniques. The better part of the book covers strength training, and the most effective ab targeting exercises. Now the book may seem a tag long, but it makes up by providing everything you ever needed to know about ab development. Something like an ‘all under one roof’ store. Mike creates a 20-something list of the top ab workouts, with illustrations and pictures so you know you are doing it right. While over half of them may seem hard to do at home, I can say that if you got a few weights you are good to go.

And Truth about Six-Pack Abs is not aimed only at those seeking to build a true six-pack. It may be equally useful for women who are hoping for a flatter tummy, and a more streamlined figure. After all, a flabby belly is a definite turn off, and can destroy your self-esteem like nothing else can. It’s a rule every ab fanatic will swear by; losing fat around your stomach is the first step to building a strong body, male or female.

So, finally a book that deals with ab training at length, coming from an authority on the subject! But wait there’s more. Mike even shares his contact email to send in personalized solutions to customers. You can also sign up for his valuable newsletter that comes with positive workout tips and tricks. And, considering the credibility of the source, this is almost like working with a personal coach. Get your copy of Truth about Six-Pack Abs now, and build that lasting six-pack.

Controversies Surrounding The Easy Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet seemed at some point to be one of the easiest diets ever. Officially named Atkins Nutritional Approach, this low carbs plan was invented by Robert Atkins, thus, the name of it. The creator of the program stated that he first used it to lose weight himself, as he was overweight. In 1972, he penned his first book, Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution and in 2002 he released Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, where he brought modifications, but still used the same principles and Atkins diet food list as in the first. His plan included carbs, but in a limited consumption. According to Dr. Atkins, the body should metabolize body fat and transform it to energy, instead of metabolizing glucose into energy. The name of this process, described by him in the plan is ketosis. It only begins when the body has low levels of insulin. In his second book, Atkins made some controversial affirmations, stating that those who rely on his plan can eat how much they want.

However, Forbes made recently a study regarding the program and discovered that following the plan is extremely expensive. People from the magazine also concluded that some ingredients were included in the menu only to make it more variate, like lobster tails. Another study made by Dansinger and Colleagues made a comparison between Atkins, the Zone diet, Weight Watchers and Ornish. 247 individuals were separated in groups and each group followed the diet for an entire year. All individuals were overweight and also had a high risk to develop heart diseases. Through the year, all the people were weighted after 2, 6 and 12 months since the beginning of the diet. They also also offered blood samples.

At the end of the year, all people lost weight, but there were not many differences between their diets. The plan is also contested by Dr. Robert Eckel who works for the American Heart Association. According to him, a plan consisting of many proteins and low carbohydrates is very dangerous for the heart. Obesity Research is a scientific journal in which a study on the program was published. Apparently, the initial important weight loss is the result of water loss. After the first period, the body reacts to this regimen as to any other plan who have a similar caloric intake with this, suggested by him.

Pakistani women mark victory against India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan women cricket squad hit India by 1 run in ICC Women’s World Twenty20 match in Sri lanka.

Pakistan beaten India by a run in a low scoring exciting match of the Women’s World T20 in Galle, report a private news channel.

In respond to Pakistan’s 99 runs, India manage to score 97 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in twenty overs.

Former, Pakistan won the toss and chosen to bat 1st and scored only 98 runs for the loss of 9 wickets.

Captain Sana Mir was the peak scorer with twenty six runs and Nain Abidi made twenty five.

India’s Rasanara Parwin, Jhulan Goswami and Anuja Patil take two wickets each.