Commonly Known Causes of Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

Pain in lower left abdomen is caused by different health disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, left ectopic pregnancy, left ovarian disorder, kidney stone, etc. The pain may be severe or light depending on the disease and can be treated. Here we list these common causes as below:

Body : – Abdominal pain is normally experienced by almost every one of us at least once in a lifetime. There are various causes of abdominal pain. Speaking in layman’s language, the abdominal pain can be categorized in four parts namely upper right abdominal pain, lower right abdominal pain, upper left abdominal pain and lower left abdominal pain. Pain in each part is caused due to different health issues. It is caused due to various disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian disorder, kidney stone or infection, left ectopic pregnancy, etc. These causes can be explained as:

Bowel disorders : – One can experience pain in abdomen due bowel disorders like bowel cancer, bowel obstruction, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and constipation. In all these disorders, pain is experience on the lower left abdomen only if the left side of the abdomen is more affected. Some of the symptoms observed in person suffering from lower left abdominal pain are change in bowel habit, feeling like vomiting, feeling bloated, poor appetite and other such symptoms.

Kidney stone and kidney infection : – Kidney stone causes very severe pain in the abdomen. The pain due to kidney stone is spread over complete groin area and even the lower abdomen. The person having this disorder also experiences pain in lower back and feels like vomiting. Similarly, the pain in lower abdomen on the left side can be caused because of kidney infection. The person with such disorder feels like vomiting and feverish. Also, the person experiences pain or burning sensation while passing urine.

Ovarian disorder and ectopic pregnancy : – Ovarian disorders are many like endometriosis, ovarian cyst, etc. Although broadly speaking ectopic pregnancy is very much related to ovarian disorder, it is slightly different and is caused in the tubes to the ovaries. The women experiences dull to sharp pain in such disorders. In fact, in some cases the women also bleed through vagina. The pain is experienced on the left side only if the left part of the womb or ovary is affected by any of these disorders.

All these disorders along with many others like hernia, food poisoning, diverticulitis, etc. causes abdominal pain in lower left side. There are many other causes too which are not mentioned only because they are not commonly found. Irrespective of the causes being common or rare, the disorders causing lower left abdominal pain can be treated if diagnosed in early stage. So, see a doctor as soon as you experience pain in lower abdomen or even on upper abdomen to avoid major health issues later.