Cure For Poison Ivy

It is quite hard to deal with poison ivy rash. You are like dealing a burn injury. The affected skin turns red, swells or inflames, becomes itchy, burning, and painful, and blisters appear. Worse, it takes two to four weeks before you completely recover from it. The urushiol oil causes the top layers of the skin to die off and peel away and it takes time before these will be replaced with healthy skin. It is very important to have knowledge on cure for poison ivy. It is directed to control of the itch and pain.

To start the cure, clean the exposed parts with rubbing alcohol. Then wash the skin area with water only to avoid moving the oil by the soap. Using globes, wash everything which might have contacted the plant immediately with rubbing alcohol and water to at least reduce or completely eradicate the offending urushiol oil. Then, take a shower with warm water and soap. You may also soothe the itching area with cool, wet compresses or with Burow’s solution, and over the counter product. This helps dry the ooze faster. Oatmeal and or baking soda may be added to water for the affected area to be soaked and have a cool bath for 15 to 30 minutes. The two ingredients for homemade cure for poison ivy may also be made into a paste for topical application. Always leave the poison ivy rash open to air to help in the healing process. Also, even if it is very itchy, do not scratch the rash or break the blisters. These actions may result to another problem – infection. This is even worse.

If you have lotions or creams or ointments containing calamine, zinc acetate, or alcohol, these are great help too. These can eliminate the itching, dry the blisters, and aid speed healing.

Moreover, if the rashes are covering a large area in the sufferer’s body, it is better to consult a doctor on medications that will alleviate it such as oral antihistamines such as Benadryl and oral or topical corticosteroids like cortisone creams. Just be reminded that Benadryl causes the person taking it drowsy. Topical antihistamine is not recommended as cure for poison ivy rash because it may aggravate the problem with its allergic causing properties. Topical corticosteroids are more effective if applied immediately before blisters appear. The cream is also a good help after the blisters have dried up. A common oral steroid is Prednisone which aids in rapid improvement. The medication should be maintained with the dose being tapered or decreased over time for 10-14 days to prevent rebound of rash which can be severe this time.

The rash caused by the plant is not contagious so you may ask someone to help you do the cure for poison ivy. And to be always ready, it is advised that you should have a kit for such conditions. The kit should contain a rubbing alcohol, soap, and a large container of water.