Declaring Victory Over Impetigo

Impetigo is a disease which is commonly associated with children- including a small percentage of the adults. It is a disease which is caused by bacteria called staphylococcus aureus. The incubation period for these bacteria is one to three days after infection. At the same time, it is transmitted through the contact that can be made with a person already infected as long as the bacteria contacts skin that is not completely intact. Therefore, one of the ways of helping this disease to be transmitted is through scratching. But even after all the dangers are brought forward it is gratifying to note that this disease can be conquered effectively. By firstly knowing that the disease is contagious, you are set to start working on the preventive measures.

There are many steps you can take to halt the spread of this disease. One of the major ones is generally thorough hygiene. You should make sure that you take regular thorough baths. At the same time, if the person infected is a family member within your household; keep them away from the rest of the family members mostly. Make sure that every item being used by such a person is clearly identified. Additionally the following steps can prove to be very helpful:

-Wash hands regularly and properly.

-Do not come in contact with the garments that are being worn by the infected person

-If you share towels in the bathroom, stop the practice immediately

-When the skin is peeled off, make sure it is covered and do not leave it exposed

-The infected person should cover the sores that come from the disease

In addition the above steps can be very easy to follow if all family members understand the benefits of taking the necessary action. Therefore, take your time to sensitize your family members about the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and observing the regulations that keep them from the infection. In the meantime, when you carryout such programs, even the infected person must be included. As you stress more on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene; ensure that the fingernails are kept short all the time. this is not only ideal for washing hands adequately; but it is also critical for stopping the transmission of any bacteria and peeling the skin during scratching-otherwise you become very susceptible to the infection.

In the treatment process, it is always key to remember that the patient should be left dry. In other terms, the patient should wash the sores with soap and leave them to dry. Washing with soap partly leaves an environment where the disease does not easily become a problem by spreading. This is where the importance of hygiene takes on a practical face. But in some cases that cannot be enough. Therefore, when impetigo continues with the problematic infection, you have to take your time to make sure that you do not make a mistake of relying on hygiene alone. Otherwise, topical-and sometimes-oral antibiotics can be prescribed by the physician to finally declare the real victory.