Dog Obedience Training – Changing The Pet-Owner Equation

A universal truth that every dog owner agrees to is that no matter how well loved your pooch is or how treasured your Alsatian is, discipline often tends to be the hardest to drive into a dog’s world. Of course everybody offers unsolicited ‘tips’ to get your prized pet in line. Not to mention the range of conflicting recommendations on how to train your dog to fetch as per your command. It is indeed a formidable task to know how best to approach training your dog to be obedient and under your control.

Undoubtedly holding your dog within a short leash is not to say that a strong human-dog relationship is to be sacrificed. On the contrary a close associated between man and beast is developed with trust and mutual respect. And as a dog owner myself I can lay my bets on this. And to this day I recall how I mastered this approach of gentle and reward-based discipline to win over my dog’s unquestioning respect and utmost affection. I first discovered Dog Obedience Training when my dog Boxer, a German Shepherd, and I had a rather wary relationship.

Of course this was hardly Boxer’s fault since he had faced previously bad dog owners and was undoubtedly not too willing to be trusting or even civil! It was not merely the obedience part that I was at a loss to deal with, but this was the crux of the issue. Not only was my dog quite aggressive about chasing other dogs or even cats, he was also decidedly stubborn and unyielding. No amount of cajoling or punishing could make me get my way with him even sometimes! This is the time when Dog Obedience Training helped me to overcome the behavioral problems I recognized in my pet.

Dog obedience training may seem like easy victory for a seasoned pet owner, but someone with just a poodle to call a pet, obedience had never been an issue. But the insightful tips and advice I received on dog obedience training ever since I came upon the site has been nothing less than astounding. As I put to effect the suggestions in the program, I noticed a definite change in my dog’s pattern of behavior. The nipping and unnecessary biting all but stopped within a few days of my using the easy pointers. Unusual techniques like dog whispering, puppy house training and clicker training, when employed the right way made approaching dog obedience training not so tedious.

It was like I could understand why he behaved the way he did and what role I could play in making life easier for him. I began to realize that I had to ‘think’ the way he does! The whole pet-owner equation changed, and from being obedience training it became a perceptive analysis between dog and man. I was astonished by the change in my pet – from being the ferocious dog, best avoided by everybody from my neighbors to the street cat, he turned into the center of attention of our locality.

I have since learned a lot from the simple instructions and the clear approach to dog obedience training. From getting him to socialize to being confident enough to not need to watch over his movements all the time it hasn’t been easy for us. But, at any rate, I will say this – Dog Obedience Training has certainly been well worth the time and effort spent in creating that amazing bond, something only a pet owner could relate to!