How long do hemorrhoids last

Hemorrhoid is a term used for swelling in the rectum and anal area, this can occur due to several hidden reasons. Despite of all it is wise to understand that its symptoms can be relieved but it is impossible to resolve this disorder.

Hemorrhoids are a disorder which occurs when there is a swelling in the anus and rectum area. If these bulging veins are irritated, they can trigger pain, burning, bleeding and itching. Nearly every person suffers from hemorrhoids at some or other point in life and how long they linger will depend on the hemorrhoids type, treatment selected by the physician and the factors which cause how long do hemorrhoids last and do hemorrhoids go away on their own.


Hemorrhoids are generally associated with the age factor and often hit people with older ages. Also other factors like diarrhea, poor fiber diets, pregnancy, birth of child and other issues of bowel can trigger hemorrhoids. If the person consumes lesser then recommended fiber amount every day then it will make the movements of bowel difficult. Even straining can trigger external and internal side hemorrhoids. Straining and inflammation on a continued basis caused by diarrhea can irritate the anus and rectum area. It is commonly believed that hemorrhoids occurring during pregnancy are due to slow movements of bowels or delivery of child. But contrary to this concept, even a child’s weight in the womb can impose pressure on the intestinal veins.

How Long Do They Last?

It is not possible to determine the healing time o hemorrhoids. Surgery is one way of removing them temporally but with the help proper diet and employment of proper remedies you can cause the vein to shrink and make it less sensitive. Until and unless you remove off factors like friction, pressure which causes inflammation the hemorrhoids will remain itchy, sore and tender.


To minimize the irritation caused by inflamed hemorrhoids, it is very important to maintain cleanliness. To keep the area extra clean you can also clean the area with medicated pads or wipes and avoid further aggravation. Another remedy is to use popular and renowned medicines as well as creams to relieve inflammation and irritation. But remember you can’t find a permanent solution with these methods though you can reduce the symptoms associated with them. For more detailed treatment you should consult your physician and visit him to identify the problem.