How to detect bronchitis symptoms

Despite the advances in science and technology in this age, people are still afflicted by diseases that have long plagued mankind. One of these diseases is bronchitis – which is a common term that refers to the swelling and inflammation of lungs airways caused by certain factors. The statistics for bronchitis are sadly high as indicated by the World Health Organization report in 2004. For a modernized country like Australia, the WHO reported that bronchitis prevalence along with other respiratory disorders like asthma and emphysema lead to 20 male deaths per 100,000 population. For this reason, the health agencies must be aggressive in educating the public about bronchitis symptoms so measures can be immediately taken.

Yet, it would be helpful to know that are two types of bronchitis: acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is inflammation of the lungs mainly caused by smoking for long period of time. On the contrary, acute bronchitis happens unexpectedly which is triggered by a bacterial or viral infection. This type of bronchitis is very common during cold season and affects a great number of children and elderly. Nonetheless, the disease can be effectively treated as soon as bronchitis symptoms are consulted with a health professional.

Bronchitis Symptoms

The most usual bronchitis symptoms according to the Mayo Clinic website are as follows:

  • Cough – coughing is a normal reaction to remove mucus from the lungs. It can be inconvenient particularly when it is non-productive which is why people consult a doctor even for a cough.
  •  Shortness of breath – This is further worsened by physical exertion so doing some tasks can be tiring. It is preferable to rest when you have bronchitis.
  •  Slight fever and chills – The person runs a low fever  with colds which can make the person mistake the symptom for a flu.
  •  Wheezing & Weakness – The person feels weak and moves less.
  •  Chest discomfort

 There are other important things you must understand. First, bronchitis symptoms are the same for adult or young children. Also, the two types of bronchitis manifest the same bronchitis symptoms. Nonetheless, recurring respiratory symptoms needs prompt medical attention since this may indicate other respiratory diseases.

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