How to Make Birch Beer at Home Guide

Birch beer is a delicious non-alcoholic beverage that truly is a labour of love and an art form. While birch beer does somewhat resemble the taste of root beer, and lightly resembles a mild ginger beer, it possesses many distinct and unique tastes and scents that make it individual. Birch beer can be made in the comfort of your own home using all natural ingredients, but it can sometimes be difficult to make. Here is a short guide to making the very best birch beer quickly and easily.

What you will need

If you want to make your own birch beer from scratch, you first need an array of items to get you started. Firstly, you need several large pots as these will be used to mix the ingredients. Two will usually do the job. You obviously want to bottle your own birch beer when it is complete so for that, you need bottles complete with caps. Plastic bottles work well, but for the best results you should use glass bottles. You also need a colander or strainer, a spatula, an oven with a hob for boiling and a cool, dark place to store the beer after bottling is complete. With that, let’s get started!

Ingredients and the first steps

In order to make the perfect birch beer, you need finely cut birch twigs, several gallons of birch sap, a gallon of honey, a slice of rye bread toast and a bag of soft yeast. There are many places online that will help you with the amounts, it all depends on the amount of birch beer you want to make! The actual creation process is very simple. Firstly, combine and mix together the honey and birch sap and boil it. After ten minutes or so, add the mixture to the birch twigs in another pot. You can then add the yeast to the mixture. After that, you leave the mixture to ferment for a week in a cool, dry place. It really is as simple as that! For a wonderful festive touch, you can even add some “mulled wine” herbs and spices to the mix to give it a nice, Christmastime feeling.

Bottling and fermentation

After one week has passed, it is time to take your birch beer creation to its final steps. Remove it from the cool, dry place and strain the mixture in a large colander. Ensure that all twigs are removed from the mixture so that only the liquid remains. You may need to strain several times and ensure that all twigs, and bits of twigs, are removed. From there, you simply need to bottle your birch beer into the glass or plastic bottles and put the caps on the bottles tightly. Then, simply store the bottles of birch beer back in the cool, dry place for a minimum of three months. After that, simply store it in the fridge and serve it cool for the perfect homemade birch beer, a perfect Christmastime treat!

As one of the tastiest homemade beers out there, birch beer may have some slight resemblance in taste to root beer, root brews and even ginger beer, but it possesses countless amounts of its own uniqueness and originality and when chilled, it boasts a flawless, tantalizing and incredibly refreshing taste that is made even better when made at home from scratch. Use the easy to follow guide above to help you make your own birch beer this wintertime and never overlook the benefits of adding some delicious extra Christmas herbs and spices to the mix and enjoy a flawless refreshing homemade beverage this festive season.