How to Make your Picnic one to Remember

Liven up a picnic by inviting lots of children. Watch as they go about entertaining themselves and playing games of tag, hopscotch, kick ball and other games. By this they can release their pent up energy while having fun. Adults who allow themselves, for the occasion at least, to enter into the fun with the children, will find that picnics are great stress relievers.

Music, where every one can join in singing or picking on the guitar, is great fun at picnics. These can be staged in backyards or in picnic areas or actually be pre-arranged musical events where people are invited to bring their own chairs and foods. Example of this are the  the music on the Ohio river bank park in downtown Huntington, WV. The  symphony orchestra schedule these have summer time informal performances. They are scheduled in late evenings and are quite successful.  

Have an assortment of games to play. Charades is a good game, so are horse shoes, sack races, baseball, or whatever. Groups can choose to participate according to their preferences. Conversation may idle and game playing is one way to get lively discussions and to loosen up pent up emotions.

Clowns know how to have fun and inviting one or a group, professional or otherwise – dependent on the type of picnic and the overall purpose – will be sure to liven up a picnic. Maybe this is a political rally and fun and games will be interspersed among the many speakers and rallies. Parents and grownup will come out and bring the children and will be forced to listen to the speeches.

Invite local celebrities, especially if they are in the entertainment business, to join a picnic will be sure to increase the excitement and the fun. Or open air stage plays where local entertainers can perform or perfect their skills for the hometown audience, will work to get things moving at picnics.

At this stage of the picnic assessment, lets put all the fun back in and take out all the business. Too often weekends are given over to pseudo fun while business deals are masquerading as picnic style fun for families. The original picnic had a more innocent venue than it often does today. It was nothing more than an excuse to get out of the house for some inexpensive fun.

Maybe eating out a fancy restaurant was beyond the means of the family, and they packed up their dinner and headed for the park. It was one way of creating some adventure for the kids and letting them run loose for an hour or two. Maybe friendly neighbors living in crowded apartments needed a way to relax and let the kids play safely.

All that is really needed to liven up picnics is plenty of food and plenty of children. They  naturally bring with them lots of ideas for fun. The adults either join in or it back and watch, ready with water, snacks, and band-aids for skinned knees, handi-wipes and a thankful heart.