Insulin Pumps and Airport Security

I took a trip to Maine recently and was put through extended search by the TSA two times! I’m a pretty innocuous looking fellow, so it was a bit of a shock. Needless to say, I was cleared on both occasions. Rather than choose to complain, I opted for gratitude instead. I’m glad those folks are there to ward off would-be terrorists.

On that same note I wondered about diabetes with insulin pumps and/or injectors. Are they allowed to pass through security checks unhindered? My research indicated that wearing an insulin pump should not be a hindrance. You should not have to remove it from your body, and any attempts to influence you to do so should be met with a request to see the supervisor.

What has been your experience with airport security? Have you encountered any difficulties either from wearing an insulin pump or from carrying syringes, etc?

While I do appreciate the necessary diligence at airport security checkpoints, I do realize it can possible be a hassle for diabetics.

Here is another review by C Williams:

I have had similar problems. I can NEVER get through the initial screen without the machine going off so I invariably get set over to get felt up… oops patted down. So on the “empty your pocket sir” part out comes this little machine with tubing going into my shirt. So I explain that it is an insulin pump, which is a medical device that is attached to my body. Shortly after 9/11 none of the screeners really knew what I was talking about but in the last couple of years they seem to know what it is.

They are usually always courteous its just the hassle of having to get singled out all the time…