Kitchenaid 12 Piece Knife Block Set in Red or Black

Every kitchen needs a good knife set.  Some knives are meant to be kept in drawers, but the KitchenAid 12-piece knife block set comes with its own block of wood to store the knives in, so you can save drawer space.  The block itself has a fairly small footprint, so it won’t take up much counter space, and the knife slots are angled, so you can fit the set on a counter beneath an overhanging cabinet.

This KitchenAid knife set comes in black, with stamped end caps, and candy apple red.  Other than color and style, the two sets are almost identical.  Both have the same knives, but the Santoku knife that comes with the red set is listed as having a four-and-a-half-inch blade, while the Santoku knife that comes with the black set has a five-inch blade.

The knives in this KitchenAid set are good quality.  They come with a sharpener, but you may never need it, because the knives keep their edge for a long time.  There are four steak knives, a slicer, a chef’s knife, a serrated utility knife, a Santoku knife, and a parer.  The set also comes with a strong pair of kitchen shears.

The knife handles are decorative but also provide a good grip.  The blades are solid, high carbon stainless steel, and it takes a lot of force to bend the tips.  The paring knife has a very sharp point and blade.  It’s a great small knife, perfect for coring and cutting onions.

On one website, the instructions say to only hand wash these knives and dry them immediately, but they have survived many trips inside the dishwasher and come out with nothing worse than water spots.  Whether you hand wash them or wash them in the dishwasher, be sure that they are completely dry before putting them back in the wood block.

The wood block looks good and makes a great holder for the knives.  Because some of the knives are very sharp, however, you have to be careful when sliding them into their slots – if they glance the wood, they can easily splinter it.

The KitchenAid 12-piece knife block set can be purchased from several places online. and both sell the black knife set for $49.99.  The red set can be purchased from for $89.99 or from for $88.99.