Let’s talk about the lottery

When my husband and I both lost our jobs five years ago we went through a very stressful time. One week, I actually had four cents, that is all I had, four pennies. I kept opening my purse, looking at the four pennies and saying, “I have four cents” It was nerve wracking. We cut corners everyplace we could think of, the one thing we did not want to do was move out of our house, which we love so much.

After the big tsunami hit the Indian Ocean, I was doing a special healing meditation for the entire area, after my regular meditation. While doing the healing meditation, I heard a male voice, say very clearly in my ear, “Don’t worry. You are going to win the lottery and you will be able to help in so many ways.” I sat there for a few minutes, a bit confused. Naturally, I bought a lottery ticket. I did not win. When I came home from work the next day, there was a scrap of newspaper in the backyard, with an ad for something, the line was, “Didn’t win? Don’t worry, you will.” Hmmmmmmm……the next experience was a month or so later, I was drifting off to sleep and heard the same voice say, “You are winning tomorrow.” Tomorrow happened to be lottery day so, I got a ticket on my way home. I did not win. The next thing that happened was I had a very vivid dream, my husband and I were at a big party, celebrating. A very important person walked over to us, he put his hand on my husband’s shoulder and said, ‘See? You never believed your wife would win the lottery, Well, she has.’ ” I have actually seen numbers either in the morning before waking or just before falling to sleep, all of them have be proven fruitless. Just this past Sunday, I was sitting and reading around ten a.m. when I sudeenly saw a clear image in my mind of rushing to the phone and calling my best friend to say, “I won! I finally won” I looked up at the tv and they were giving the winning numbers! I did not win.

So, am I the supreme joke of the Universe? I never really thought much about the lottery until I started having these experiences. Then I realized that it is a good solution, it really is pretty much “free’ money available to everyone who takes a chance. People win all the time. I am actually quite level headed, I have wanted to ask SOMEONE about this for a few years now but was always afraid I’d be thought a fool. Everyone seems to be quite nice here so, I decided to take a chance and just ask.

I realize that the lottery is a game of CHANCE, I really am quite level headed.

Any thoughts?