May you rest in peace

I first became conscious of death in the 3rd grade when a classmate’s (E) sister who attended the same school in 2nd grade died. It was about 15 days to Christmas and to this day most Christmas songs reminds me of E’s little sister who eat lunch at the same table with his brother and a few of us on Tuesday only to be told of her passing during assemble on Wednesday morning. May her soul rest in peace.

The internet has made our world a small place today I got an email from E who is currently a Lab technician in a Midwestern state. He was pleased to have found my blog, and shared his thoughts with me. To paraphrase E said, – I get upset when I see statistic about the prevalence of diseases in Africa.

“My sister was healthy the doctor first said she had malaria then he changed it to the flu, she got so delicate fast and died.” “Looking back, she had all the signs all the symptoms, the unquenchable thirst, eating her lunch and mine plus she started to wet the bed”

Of cause there was no autopsy done. Listening to E, made me think of how common it was for healthy people growing up to just pass away in their sleep no questions no autopsy.

E is glad to see that things have changed but does not believe the statistics.

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