Menoquil Review: An-Effective Menopausal Relief-Option

The closer women get to the dreaded “M” word (Menopause), the closer the symptoms approach: irritability, decreased sex drive, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, vaginal bleeding, increased urinary frequency, and the list goes on and on. As a result, many women go on begin Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The problem is that these treatments have a ton of side effects and some of them are really scary. They include: Headaches, strokes, clotting, heart attacks and many others as well. As for me, I would rather go through the symptoms of hormone imbalance than take a chance with all of the side effects of hormone replacement therapy. NOTE: It is advised that you meet with a physician prior to beginning any medical treatment.

There are Hormone Replacement Therapy alternatives and some of them are quite good. In fact, we have an ad on this page for a very popular and reasonably priced product called Menozac. It is highly recommended and you can click on the ad for further information (They offer free samples as of the writing of this article).

Another product is called Menoquil. Like Menozac, it is an all natural alternative to the aforementioned. So, what exactly is Menoquil? It is made up of black cohash extract and other types of extracts as well. There have been studies that looked at the efficacy of this and other products such as Menozac and there have been some promising results as the isoflavones found in the product have shown to have a positive impact on cognitive functioning in addition to the other positive findings of reduction of hot flashes, etc..

In conclusion, I have looked into Menoquil and Menozac, comparing the tow against Hormone Replacement Therapy; I would personally go with the natural alternatives, as the former seems to have too many side effects. Between Menoquil and Menozac, I would go with Menozac.