My kids don’t eat enough fruits and veggies!

From a reader here:

My son hates most fruits and vegetables, thankfully he loves v8 fusion, each glass is supposed to be one full serving of fruit and one full serving of veggies. its not a permanent substitution for eating the right foods, but its a good temporary solution until he gets over his pickiness.

Kids eat what their parents eat. Most adults don’t get their fruits&veggies so the kids don’t either. Then, they say they don’t like them because they haven’t been exposed to them. If you grew up on fat, salt, and sugar, it is not a surprise that the subtle, complex flavors are unappealing.

My daughter goes crazy for brussel sprouts, asparagus, and salad. She loves foods like salmon. This is because she saw me eating it and she wasn’t given a special “kid friendly” diet after she was past the finger food stage. Sure, there were a few rebellions, she’s a kid, but time and persistence paid off.

I am a big fan of fruits and veggies, both from a health standpoint and a taste standpoint. They are just so good! And I too only cook one meal for dinner. What I make is what we eat. And while all three of my children have small appetites, they also have a wide range of tastes. While they might not enjoy EVERYTHING I serve (the horseradish mashed potatoes were not a hit!) they are certainly willing to try. As a way to introduce kids to their fruits and veggies, I wrote and illustrated a book called Poems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies – Where Healthy Eating Starts With a Poem. Check it out at You can read it with your kids, take it with you to your next trip to the farmers market and agree to buy a fruit or veggie from the book that you have never tasted before! What a fun experiment.