Nature and Causes For Hemorrhoids

What is hemorrhoids? It is an anal ailment characterized by the swelling or enlargement of the veins around the rectum or anal canal. The swelling of the superficial veins can be due to many causes which you will know along the way.

There are two known types of categories for hemorrhoids which are internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids affect the inner part of the anal canal while external hemorrhoids take place around the opening of the anal canal. People suffering from internal ones usually experience bleeding in the anal area like when there is blood on the stool after defecating especially after passing a hard stool. Another common manifestation of internal one is itching. Itching happens due to some discharge from the internal hemorrhoids which causes skin irritation. On the other hand, people suffering from external ones usually feel soreness and discomfort by strangulation in their anal area in view of the fact that the external ones have developed into a lump. Bleeding in the anal area may also result from this type of hemorrhoids.

The swelling of the superficial veins in the anal canal or in the rectal area happens when there is too much pressure in the veins of the pelvic and anal area. When the veins swell or are stretched out to a great extent the tissue around them will get bigger producing hemorrhoids.

It is often linked with constipation, obesity and pregnancy. Let’s try to find out why they are associated with hemorrhoids.

The common cause of developing them is constipation. This happens when you strain too much to pass a hard stool thereby creating pressure in the anal area and may even lead to bleeding. Obesity, on the other hand, increases the possibility for them because of too much weight which increases the pressure all over the body especially in the pelvic and anal area. Hemorrhoids is also a common ailment of pregnant women. Pregnancy and giving birth can also give cause for it to develop because the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy will increase the flow of the blood to the pelvic and anal areas and the thrusting and pushing during labor will increase the pressure in the anal area. Aside from all these things, hemorrhoids may also develop due to some health conditions.