Dealing with chocolate acne

Chocolates are loved by all, but, these are especially popular with teenagers. While chocolate has its good effects, it can be cause for a major problem too. Eating too much chocolate, can lead you to chocolate acne. Chocolate acne is a type of skin disease that occurs due to excessive consumption of chocolates. There are a lot of causes of acne. Hormonal changes are the main cause. But, chocolates effects hormones, and, having too much chocolate can lead to inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Chocolate acne is a disease mainly of sebaceous glands. The non-inflammatory pimples are the first signs of this. In the later stages a number of other inflammatory problems like papules, pustules and nodes can be created. Some forms of acne can be terminal and can even affect hair follicles. Skin conditions or diseases that resemble acne are called acne form.

Acne was introduced as a term for the skin disease in the 19th century. The best known and most common is form of acne is acne vulgaris or common acne. Usually this means that the acne was caused by increased Androgeneinfluss during puberty. This occurs no later than the beginning of the third decade of life. Because it is caused by changes in body metabolism, acne vulgaris is the most endogenous form of acne.

Inflammation can be associated with redness, swelling, itching and tenderness. If there is greater risk of inflammation, lymph node swelling, headache, fever and sepsis are common too. In the way of contact infection, the outbreak of folliculitis / furunculosis is favored. Gravity is associated with highly inflammatory acne. Furthermore, the acne creates psychological and social problems as stigma is felt. Phobias, neuroses, relationship problems, bullying of those affected by its social environment, depression and suicidal behavior are possible.

Except in mild cases of acne, treatment is done by a skin doctor (dermatologist is recommended). There are several active and supportive therapy methods. Drug therapy aims to reduce sebum production, the Verhornungsvorgang in the duct of sebaceous glands normalize the bacteria to fight and influence the inflammatory response.

α- hydroxy carboxylic acids belonging to the natural fruit acids can help fight chocolate acne. For acne therapy, in addition to glycolic acid or lactic acid, malic acid, citric acid and mandelic acid are used. Using 10-15% cream formulations a reduction in the cohesion of follicular corneocytes is done in the lower layers of the stratum corneum, and finally the in the Komedolyse. In most cases a 3-month treatment is necessary. It also follows a prophylaxis against Komedonenneubildung. In contrast to treatment with benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, salicylic acid occurs in the use of alpha hydroxy acids and is not related to epidermal water loss. The 2-week interval in repeated peeling with 30% glycolic acid from the second treatment was found to be significantly effective.


Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Acne Health Guide HQ

My kids don’t eat enough fruits and veggies!

From a reader here:

My son hates most fruits and vegetables, thankfully he loves v8 fusion, each glass is supposed to be one full serving of fruit and one full serving of veggies. its not a permanent substitution for eating the right foods, but its a good temporary solution until he gets over his pickiness.

Kids eat what their parents eat. Most adults don’t get their fruits&veggies so the kids don’t either. Then, they say they don’t like them because they haven’t been exposed to them. If you grew up on fat, salt, and sugar, it is not a surprise that the subtle, complex flavors are unappealing.

My daughter goes crazy for brussel sprouts, asparagus, and salad. She loves foods like salmon. This is because she saw me eating it and she wasn’t given a special “kid friendly” diet after she was past the finger food stage. Sure, there were a few rebellions, she’s a kid, but time and persistence paid off.

I am a big fan of fruits and veggies, both from a health standpoint and a taste standpoint. They are just so good! And I too only cook one meal for dinner. What I make is what we eat. And while all three of my children have small appetites, they also have a wide range of tastes. While they might not enjoy EVERYTHING I serve (the horseradish mashed potatoes were not a hit!) they are certainly willing to try. As a way to introduce kids to their fruits and veggies, I wrote and illustrated a book called Poems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies – Where Healthy Eating Starts With a Poem. Check it out at You can read it with your kids, take it with you to your next trip to the farmers market and agree to buy a fruit or veggie from the book that you have never tasted before! What a fun experiment.

Is it OK to use tampons when you’re a virgin?

Many of you have jumped right in and offered up words of advice and support on many matters of health and wellness. Now let’s turn our attention to a younger reader who has reached out in her blog for our help.

Katea posted:

I am virgin, 15 years old  and I have a big problem.

Katea wants to know if it is OK to use tampons before she chooses to become sexually active. She needs our advice soon because — as every woman with a period and an adorable tankini knows well — she wants to spend a lot of time at the beach this summer.

While using tampons from their first period is no big deal for many young women, others are concerned about preserving the hymen or even their virginity. While virginity is defined as someone who has never had sexual intercourse and tampons are generally regarded as safe for use by virgins, some women are simply unsure if they can go through with it.

Whatever Katea’s (or your own) concerns are, please offer her some of your experiences and guidance.

Do you think it is OK to use tampons while you are a virgin?

And what concerns did you have about your body before you had sex the first time?

The Editor’s Reply:

I had to get a crash course in tampons when I started my period two days before leaving for Florida for a marine biology trip when I was 15–and still a virgin. From my experience, I had no problems with the tampons and actually never went back to pads after that. Several years later when I did decide to become sexually active, my hymen was still intact. I know that everyone is different and people’s bodies react differently to each situation, but I have never had any problems with tampons. I would suggest to Katea to try tampons if she is comfortable with the idea but if she experiences pain or discomfort to discontinue the use. I think using tampons is completely different from intercourse and she can consider herself a virgin, even if her hymen tears. By the way, a woman’s hymen can tear from any number of activities, not just sex. Yes tampons can do it, but also playing sports, riding a horse, a jaring fall or accident. Also, sometimes the hymen doesn’t tear when a woman does have sex for the first time.

Healthywood: Gwynnie had post-partum depression

Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed that she suffered from post-partum depression after the birth of her second child two years ago. Saying that, at the time, she felt disconnected, pessimistic and “out of my body,” Paltrow also admits that she didn’t realize that she had PPD until after it passed.

Paltrow, 35, known almost as much for naming her kids Apple and Moses as for her stints with macrobiotic and alcohol-free diets, reportedly to aid fertility, was hospitalized earlier this year for unknown reasons.  The actor says she’s since scaled back her work schedule and suspects that cutting back on regular acupuncture contributed to the PPD she experienced.

I find this all quite interesting since celebs like Gwynnie often appear to be uber-mommies in front of the cameras, sweeping through pregnancy without a fashion don’t flashing across their bellies, breezing through birth without a stretch mark or baby weight jelly belly for more than a few weeks. Putting a famous face to post-partum depression can only help the countless women who live next door and sit beside us on the train or befriend us at preschool parent meetings and are challenged by agonizing depression after the birth of their babies.

It’s also interesting that her announcement lands so close to Cynthia Nixon’s reveal about having breast cancer, also two years ago. I’m not saying there’s a link between these leading ladies and their health issue admissions, but I am curious about when and why celebs start sharing personal information.

When do you think it’s a good time to tell people you’ve had (or have PPD)?

Keep the convo going with me! I’m still obsessing over whether or not
celebs  should share their health secrets.

Although I’m not a big (gasp!) Coldplay fan, Gwyneth and Chris are one of the Hollywood couples I hope stay hitched. Are they a couple you root for too?

A Quick Review:

It seems as though everytime a celebrity brings awareness about something most people “normally” go through in life it’s a big shock. PPD is a serious problem, and it touches so many women. And many of these women will never be helped or recognized for having experienced because they may not have access to decent health care or have Gwenth’s money & fame. Then when they do go to the doctor they don’t get to talk about their emotions that are biologically “normal”- they get antidepressants thrown at them. While this may be a temporary fix, it’s not for everyone.

Not to sound like Tom Cruise here, I have experienced PPD firsthand . But unlike Gwenyth, my daughter was stillborn at 39 weeks. I was just as “crunchy” with a macrobiotic diet, yoga, and all that I could do to take care of myself. At a routine dr. visit it was discovered she had no heartbeat. Within 24 hrs I was in the delivery room and had to deliver her (an 8lb baby) since my insurance was not going to cover a c section. (& my dr. was a moron)

It was a horrific experience that I will never forget but I refuse to become a victim of PPD, PTSD, or whatever the latest pillpopper diagnosis is. I deal with it one day at a time with a great husband for support. There is no “appropriate” time to tell someone, not everyone wants to tell the world.Not everyone has a new movie coming out.

Sorry but I have to disagree:

“Putting a famous face to post-partum depression can only help the countless women who live next door and sit beside us on the train or befriend us at preschool parent meetings and are challenged by agonizing depression after the birth of their babies.”

Does it really? Or is it a P.R move? Average people like me are not inspired, just see them as humans who eat, sleep, poop, & get depressed like us all. What I’d really like to see is a celeb stand up for human rights of healthcare system that is not killing people. The numbers of women out there who have no health insurance is never an issue when celebs “reach out”.

Acai Berry for Health

Nature has all the best to give for our good quality of life. The richness of the species of the plants and animals in the whole earth is the blessing that completes our life. The research conducted and the development of science both have helped reveal the best sources of nature that can give us the best for our body, mind and soul.

Amazon is known as the rainforest that has the rich natural resources. Acai berry is one of the natural wonders found in Amazon. It is a kind of fruit that is wild harvested, thus it is rare and unique. The high level of antioxidant that it contains gives the best source of nutrients to our body for better health. offers you the RioLife acai berry that you would love forever. RioLife brings you the exotic energy of living that loves Amazon just like you. The company is proved as Amazon friendly, so you do not need to be worried that your consumption of their products would support any damage on the heart of the earth. Acai berry diet would be perfect if you plan to lose your weight or follow the instruction to create the delicious acai berry juice.

Find the Best Way to Overcome Your Financial Problems

There are many things that you can do to overcome all of the problems, especially for the financial money.  You must ever get the trouble in getting some money. If you need cash but you do not know what to do, meanwhile you want to get it quickly, the best thing that you can do is searching for the greatest place that allow you to borrow money. The loan online is the best choice today that you can consider. It offers you to borrow for the short-term. This is all you need to get the money quickly. It is simple, easy and fast.

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This has available now and it also offered by many companies. All you need to do is choosing the one that you can trust. You can also finding the solution that you can choose for solving your financial problems. The loans for individual must have the limitation in borrowing. You are allowed to borrow until the number that available there. So now, it is better for you to search and browse for more information about it.

Pooping is good

If you’re tired of going days between bowel movements , dealing with embarrassing gas, and the pain of your bloating stomach, we can honestly tell you, relief is here. If you have ever read your laxative bottle, I’ll bet it says “Consult your doctor if symptoms persist longer than 7 days or product does not provide relief”. Laxatives, when they work, provide a temporary fix. You can’t spend your life on laxatives !

Reasons to do something about your constipation

Constipation presents more of a problem than just infrequent bowel movements. Some of the complications that constipation can cause are;

Hemorrhoids and the further complications they bring
Hemorrhoids can be either internal or external . They are actually a swelling of the veins around the anus. Under good conditions, they can hurt , burn and itch, even make your pooping blood (here). Add constipation and hard stools, and they will make your life miserable. The tearing and/or bursting of them creates the bleeding that accompanies this condition. Many cases require surgery.

Anal fissures
Anal fissures occurs when the anus actually tears. This is from the passage ( or attempt) of harden stool.

Fecal impaction
Fecal impaction is when the stool is literally stuck. It can not or will not move. At this point, serious methods are employed to remove the waste. These can be professional procedures such as enemas and clinical strength laxatives. In extreme cases, manual disimpaction or surgery is preformed.

Untreated, Constipation will Change your Life

You may know this all too well. This condition creeps into almost every area of your life. You can lose your energy and your desire to do things. It can suck the fun out of just about everything. It actually changes your life. Depression can set in. Frustration develops as over the counter laxatives fail. You avoid some activities and say “no” to some social events. The bloating affects your self image. It makes you feel fat and uncomfortable. Your performance at work may suffer. Sleep is often disrupted as you toss and turn waiting for the discomfort to end. If the pain doesn’t keep you from sleeping, the worry and frustration does. This can start “the cycle” of poor sleep and dragging yourself through another painful, gassy, bloated, constipated day. Don’t let yourself go through life like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know this method works ?
A. This method has helped thousands with their constipation, bloating, gas , and IBS type symptoms.

Q. What if the method doesn’t provide relief ?
A. The system is backed by a money back guarantee.

Q. Does this website offer medical advice ?
A. Absolutely not. We , nor any of any affiliated website, are not doctors or medical professionals.

Q. Why is your site called “food that makes you poop” ?
A. Food does play a major role in constipation , IBS and other digestive problems.

May you rest in peace

I first became conscious of death in the 3rd grade when a classmate’s (E) sister who attended the same school in 2nd grade died. It was about 15 days to Christmas and to this day most Christmas songs reminds me of E’s little sister who eat lunch at the same table with his brother and a few of us on Tuesday only to be told of her passing during assemble on Wednesday morning. May her soul rest in peace.

The internet has made our world a small place today I got an email from E who is currently a Lab technician in a Midwestern state. He was pleased to have found my blog, and shared his thoughts with me. To paraphrase E said, – I get upset when I see statistic about the prevalence of diseases in Africa.

“My sister was healthy the doctor first said she had malaria then he changed it to the flu, she got so delicate fast and died.” “Looking back, she had all the signs all the symptoms, the unquenchable thirst, eating her lunch and mine plus she started to wet the bed”

Of cause there was no autopsy done. Listening to E, made me think of how common it was for healthy people growing up to just pass away in their sleep no questions no autopsy.

E is glad to see that things have changed but does not believe the statistics.

Mood:  sad
Hearing: Sirens

Respiratory Benefits of Isometrics

Isometrics is a form of exercise that uses the resistance of muscles themselves to tighten and strengthen. There is not much movement of the muscles including lengthening and changing positions, as with regular exercise. Instead, it is an exercise that can build and transform fat into muscle, without overtaxing joints. Isometric contractions are also a great way to focus and develop proper breathing and to strengthen the muscles that aid in respiratory function.

Good respiratory habits help to increase blood flow to all areas and increase lung capacity. Deep breathing during a workout not only opens the lungs, but help with relaxation and concentration as well. For those who cannot over-exert themselves during a work-out, isometrics is a great way to exercise. You do not overtax your muscles and it is for all people. Even those that cannot do a lot of physical exertion will find isometrics rewarding. All types of exercise are good for the body. Your body needs exercise and exercise usually leads to better breathing, which we all need.

Isometrics is quickly becoming a popular way to work out. It has gotten a lot of notice and recognition over the years with many health care professionals. It is a safe way to work out all your muscles, increase lung function, and overall, strengthen your body. It is not like running on a treadmill, which can cause you to breathe too fast, or not properly. So, breathe deep and let the air fill your lungs as you stretch, and strengthen your muscles into shape.

Personal Mirena IUD Experience

Karin’s Mirena Experience Doctor Can’t Find The IUD Strings

I had my IUD put in a month ago and the experience was horrible. It hurt a lot and no one had prepared me for that. I also had mirena cramps for a week and moderate bleeding. During the first week I felt like I could feel exactly where the IUD was… it was really strange feeling your uterus all the time. But after a week or so I would feel it less and less and my bleeding diminished until now a month later I have no bleeding and no cramps. Sounds fantastic right? So I went to the doctor to have the strings checked and they couldn’t find such strings. So now I am worried that I might be pregnant or that the IUD might be stuck in my uterus or something which may affect my ability to have children(Talk about two extremes). I have a week until my ultrasound to tell me what my fate is.

As for sex and the IUD… I was told you are not supposed to have sex for one week following insertion. Which my husband and I did not. However, he said he could feel these strings “poking” him during particularly deep intercourse. Which has only been twice as far as I know. It made me apprehensive to have sex for a while because I didn’t want to hurt him… but now he can’t feel the strings and neither can my doctor. It makes me wonder if he could have pushed the strings into my uterus.

I guess time will tell.