Are Vitamins From the Drug Store Worth Buying

Are the vitamins you buy in the drug store the same as those you get in food? Yes, as far as those particular vitamins are concerned. But food supplies a great many other essentials than vitamins, and also supplies you with vitamins that have not yet been discovered and hence can’t be packaged in cellophane.

Fortified bread is no more costly than ordinary white bread, so, in effect you receive free vitamins. Fortified breakfast cereals are better values than the super-refined kinds; whole-grain cereals even better in some respects. More and more, the grocery shelves are offering vitamin-enriched foods which are excellent v values. But one should not be tempted to purchase inferior kinds of food simply because they claim to be “vitaminized.” It will pay you to get the habit of checking the labels of fortified foods to see how many vitamin units they deliver in measured quantities.

If your doctor recommends synthetic vitamins for you, study the labels on the bottles. Check the units of various vitamins furnished by a measured dose, as stated on the label. Check out this article: Dieting Danger: Make Sure You Get Your Vitamins.

Certain vitamins, such as A and D, are relatively cheap. Those of the B complex are likely to be expensive. So-called “shotgun” mixtures preparations which contain a number of different vitamins may contain certain ones in liberal quantity while others are too scanty to be of much significance. Check your needs against the promises made on the labels.

For the ordinary person, able to sit up and take nourishment, it is practically always possible to obtain all necessary vitamins from food alone and that without adding a cent to your grocery bill. That one doesn’t usually get necessary vitamins by wise food-shopping is an unhappy truth.

The wealthy are just as likely to suffer vitamin deficiencies as the poor. Rich, expensive foods are more likely to be vitamin-poor than the simple, common ones. The reason why many of us are vitamin starved you have the word of scores of investigators and dozens of countrywide surveys for that is simply that we don’t know how to spend our food dollars for greatest value. For the same amount of money, certain foods will supply three times as much Vitamin A as others.

Whenever possible, buy vitamin-fortified foods, as long as they cost no more.

Drug store vitamins are excellent supplements but poor substitutes for food. Concentrated vitamins are useful in cases of existing or potential deficiencies. It is, for instance, usually good protection for anyone on a. reducing diet to supplement his food with small quantities of concentrated Vitamin A; additional B vitamins may also be helpful. It should always be remembered, however, that if you are getting all the vitamins you can use, additional vitamins will simply be excreted and wasted.

As long as you get sufficient vitamins, there is no need to exclude from your diet other foods that may be poor in vitamins; such foods may provide innumerable other valuable elements. The vitamin content of some foods often varies according to growing conditions, season of the year, and other factors..

Now you see how easy it is to be sure you are getting your vitamins. A cup of orange juice a day for Vitamin C, a pork chop for Vitamin Bi, a serving of greens for Vitamin A, a bit of liver for riboflavin any one of these will assure you of your basic intake of these particular vitamins.

Yet the only vitamins that really go to work for you are those that reach the platter through the kindness of the cook. Sunshine travels some 90,000,000 miles to make plant growth possible. Animals work industriously to store vitamins in meat and dairy products. And then, a dozen feet from the dining-room table, enormous quantities of vitamins come to an untimely end on the kitchen stove. Many of them are carried of in steam from over boiled foods so that, in theory, it would be possible to scrape a square meal off the ceiling of an old kitchen.

There is nothing complicated about preserving vitamins in cooking. A basic principle is simplicity. Fancy victuals that go through several cooking processes before they reach the table (even so common a procedure as boiling potatoes and then frying them) lose some of their vitamins in each operation.

Here are simple rules for preserving vitamins:

– Use a minimum amount of cooking water.

– Cook in covered vessels for as short a time as possible.

– Avoid stirring.

– Never add baking soda.

– Start vegetables in hot water.

– Serve the cooking liquids in soups.

– Handle fruits and vegetables as little as possible.

– Use a brush to clean vegetables rather than a knife to scrape them.

– Cook in their natural state as far as practicable.

Some vitamins are more temperamental than others. Vitamin C is the flightiest prima donna of the lot. It runs off and dissolves itself in cooking liquids when it gets a chance. It is a heat-hater with a tender skin and it resents rough handling. Shredding, cutting, and dicing of fruits and vegetables can result in severe losses of Vitamin C. To preserve it, conduct these manipulations just before serving.

Insulin Pumps and Airport Security

I took a trip to Maine recently and was put through extended search by the TSA two times! I’m a pretty innocuous looking fellow, so it was a bit of a shock. Needless to say, I was cleared on both occasions. Rather than choose to complain, I opted for gratitude instead. I’m glad those folks are there to ward off would-be terrorists.

On that same note I wondered about diabetes with insulin pumps and/or injectors. Are they allowed to pass through security checks unhindered? My research indicated that wearing an insulin pump should not be a hindrance. You should not have to remove it from your body, and any attempts to influence you to do so should be met with a request to see the supervisor.

What has been your experience with airport security? Have you encountered any difficulties either from wearing an insulin pump or from carrying syringes, etc?

While I do appreciate the necessary diligence at airport security checkpoints, I do realize it can possible be a hassle for diabetics.

Here is another review by C Williams:

I have had similar problems. I can NEVER get through the initial screen without the machine going off so I invariably get set over to get felt up… oops patted down. So on the “empty your pocket sir” part out comes this little machine with tubing going into my shirt. So I explain that it is an insulin pump, which is a medical device that is attached to my body. Shortly after 9/11 none of the screeners really knew what I was talking about but in the last couple of years they seem to know what it is.

They are usually always courteous its just the hassle of having to get singled out all the time…

Update on Interview with Dr. Faustman

I just concluded my interview with Dr. Faustman a few minutes ago and, let me tell you, it was one of the most informatvie, stimulating conversations I’ve had in quite some time. She has an engaging personality and put things in terms a layperson can understand.

I’m working on a series of posts which I’ll roll out starting Monday (one per day), but I can you this much right now. She has found a cure for type 1 diabetes in mice, with end-stage forms of the disease. The cure involves a readily available compound known as BCG.

Her discovery was so ground breaking it was considered “disruptive.” As a result, funding has had to come through private donors, with Lee Iacocca providing the majority of it.

Our series of posts will cover details related to her research, which involves two arms, issues surrounding the funding dilemma, whether her research has bearing on both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and what diabetics can do today to improve their chances of living a healthy life.

Truth about six pack abs

For the fitness fanatic, sporting that coveted six-pack is like an alluring temptress – always beyond one’s reach. Of course, there are a zillion how-to guides out there that guarantee that you will develop that body-builder physique in no time at all. These books typically suggest super routines that are supposed to give you muscular abs, a massive structured look, and have you looking like a Greek God. But do you think twice about investing in one of them? Especially if you have been taken by those incredible promises, that are no truer than they seem; after all if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all, right? Well, join the club, exactly my thoughts!

In reality, I was not a strapping youth by a long shot, but I did draw a second glance! And I tried to remain fit and healthy, with regular exercise, sensible food choices and plenty of rest. But all my efforts to acquire those attractive abdominals seemed utterly futile. No, I would never delude myself into thinking that I would one day be that sinewy guy featured on that big brand fashion mag. No. But, I deserved a reasonable chance at building something close to a brawny frame. Nevertheless, I gave up too simply blaming my genes and ready to call it quits.

And then I happened on the Truth about Six-Pack Abs, truly a product to contend with. To be honest, I have to admit that at the outset I was not totally enamored by the claims. Despite my skepticism, my curiosity got the better of me, and I told myself this would be my very last weight-loss book. And it was! The author Mike Geary writes an unpretentious report filled with hard facts on exercising right, emphasizing on the importance of a prudent diet plan, in addition to offering meal suggestions. The Truth about Six-Pack Abs does not merely recommend the right exercises to get a six-pack, but goes a step further and explodes myths about attaining that washboard belly. Provides some intriguing thoughts on that front I must say. Make no mistake, a personal trainer that Mike is, you can be sure this is coming from the horse’s mouth.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a little over a hundred pages of concrete info on the very best ab training techniques. The better part of the book covers strength training, and the most effective ab targeting exercises. Now the book may seem a tag long, but it makes up by providing everything you ever needed to know about ab development. Something like an ‘all under one roof’ store. Mike creates a 20-something list of the top ab workouts, with illustrations and pictures so you know you are doing it right. While over half of them may seem hard to do at home, I can say that if you got a few weights you are good to go.

And Truth about Six-Pack Abs is not aimed only at those seeking to build a true six-pack. It may be equally useful for women who are hoping for a flatter tummy, and a more streamlined figure. After all, a flabby belly is a definite turn off, and can destroy your self-esteem like nothing else can. It’s a rule every ab fanatic will swear by; losing fat around your stomach is the first step to building a strong body, male or female.

So, finally a book that deals with ab training at length, coming from an authority on the subject! But wait there’s more. Mike even shares his contact email to send in personalized solutions to customers. You can also sign up for his valuable newsletter that comes with positive workout tips and tricks. And, considering the credibility of the source, this is almost like working with a personal coach. Get your copy of Truth about Six-Pack Abs now, and build that lasting six-pack.

Dog Obedience Training – Changing The Pet-Owner Equation

A universal truth that every dog owner agrees to is that no matter how well loved your pooch is or how treasured your Alsatian is, discipline often tends to be the hardest to drive into a dog’s world. Of course everybody offers unsolicited ‘tips’ to get your prized pet in line. Not to mention the range of conflicting recommendations on how to train your dog to fetch as per your command. It is indeed a formidable task to know how best to approach training your dog to be obedient and under your control.

Undoubtedly holding your dog within a short leash is not to say that a strong human-dog relationship is to be sacrificed. On the contrary a close associated between man and beast is developed with trust and mutual respect. And as a dog owner myself I can lay my bets on this. And to this day I recall how I mastered this approach of gentle and reward-based discipline to win over my dog’s unquestioning respect and utmost affection. I first discovered Dog Obedience Training when my dog Boxer, a German Shepherd, and I had a rather wary relationship.

Of course this was hardly Boxer’s fault since he had faced previously bad dog owners and was undoubtedly not too willing to be trusting or even civil! It was not merely the obedience part that I was at a loss to deal with, but this was the crux of the issue. Not only was my dog quite aggressive about chasing other dogs or even cats, he was also decidedly stubborn and unyielding. No amount of cajoling or punishing could make me get my way with him even sometimes! This is the time when Dog Obedience Training helped me to overcome the behavioral problems I recognized in my pet.

Dog obedience training may seem like easy victory for a seasoned pet owner, but someone with just a poodle to call a pet, obedience had never been an issue. But the insightful tips and advice I received on dog obedience training ever since I came upon the site has been nothing less than astounding. As I put to effect the suggestions in the program, I noticed a definite change in my dog’s pattern of behavior. The nipping and unnecessary biting all but stopped within a few days of my using the easy pointers. Unusual techniques like dog whispering, puppy house training and clicker training, when employed the right way made approaching dog obedience training not so tedious.

It was like I could understand why he behaved the way he did and what role I could play in making life easier for him. I began to realize that I had to ‘think’ the way he does! The whole pet-owner equation changed, and from being obedience training it became a perceptive analysis between dog and man. I was astonished by the change in my pet – from being the ferocious dog, best avoided by everybody from my neighbors to the street cat, he turned into the center of attention of our locality.

I have since learned a lot from the simple instructions and the clear approach to dog obedience training. From getting him to socialize to being confident enough to not need to watch over his movements all the time it hasn’t been easy for us. But, at any rate, I will say this – Dog Obedience Training has certainly been well worth the time and effort spent in creating that amazing bond, something only a pet owner could relate to!

Controversies Surrounding The Easy Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet seemed at some point to be one of the easiest diets ever. Officially named Atkins Nutritional Approach, this low carbs plan was invented by Robert Atkins, thus, the name of it. The creator of the program stated that he first used it to lose weight himself, as he was overweight. In 1972, he penned his first book, Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution and in 2002 he released Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, where he brought modifications, but still used the same principles and Atkins diet food list as in the first. His plan included carbs, but in a limited consumption. According to Dr. Atkins, the body should metabolize body fat and transform it to energy, instead of metabolizing glucose into energy. The name of this process, described by him in the plan is ketosis. It only begins when the body has low levels of insulin. In his second book, Atkins made some controversial affirmations, stating that those who rely on his plan can eat how much they want.

However, Forbes made recently a study regarding the program and discovered that following the plan is extremely expensive. People from the magazine also concluded that some ingredients were included in the menu only to make it more variate, like lobster tails. Another study made by Dansinger and Colleagues made a comparison between Atkins, the Zone diet, Weight Watchers and Ornish. 247 individuals were separated in groups and each group followed the diet for an entire year. All individuals were overweight and also had a high risk to develop heart diseases. Through the year, all the people were weighted after 2, 6 and 12 months since the beginning of the diet. They also also offered blood samples.

At the end of the year, all people lost weight, but there were not many differences between their diets. The plan is also contested by Dr. Robert Eckel who works for the American Heart Association. According to him, a plan consisting of many proteins and low carbohydrates is very dangerous for the heart. Obesity Research is a scientific journal in which a study on the program was published. Apparently, the initial important weight loss is the result of water loss. After the first period, the body reacts to this regimen as to any other plan who have a similar caloric intake with this, suggested by him.

Pakistani women mark victory against India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan women cricket squad hit India by 1 run in ICC Women’s World Twenty20 match in Sri lanka.

Pakistan beaten India by a run in a low scoring exciting match of the Women’s World T20 in Galle, report a private news channel.

In respond to Pakistan’s 99 runs, India manage to score 97 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in twenty overs.

Former, Pakistan won the toss and chosen to bat 1st and scored only 98 runs for the loss of 9 wickets.

Captain Sana Mir was the peak scorer with twenty six runs and Nain Abidi made twenty five.

India’s Rasanara Parwin, Jhulan Goswami and Anuja Patil take two wickets each.