Personal Mirena IUD Experience

Karin’s Mirena Experience Doctor Can’t Find The IUD Strings

I had my IUD put in a month ago and the experience was horrible. It hurt a lot and no one had prepared me for that. I also had mirena cramps for a week and moderate bleeding. During the first week I felt like I could feel exactly where the IUD was… it was really strange feeling your uterus all the time. But after a week or so I would feel it less and less and my bleeding diminished until now a month later I have no bleeding and no cramps. Sounds fantastic right? So I went to the doctor to have the strings checked and they couldn’t find such strings. So now I am worried that I might be pregnant or that the IUD might be stuck in my uterus or something which may affect my ability to have children(Talk about two extremes). I have a week until my ultrasound to tell me what my fate is.

As for sex and the IUD… I was told you are not supposed to have sex for one week following insertion. Which my husband and I did not. However, he said he could feel these strings “poking” him during particularly deep intercourse. Which has only been twice as far as I know. It made me apprehensive to have sex for a while because I didn’t want to hurt him… but now he can’t feel the strings and neither can my doctor. It makes me wonder if he could have pushed the strings into my uterus.

I guess time will tell.