Raccoon Bait as a Raccoon Deterrent

Raccoons are a kind of animals found in North America, as that is their native place. They are supposed to be as long as two to three feet and they weigh from ten to thirty pound approximately. They have a grayish skin and a black mask like circle around their eyes. Though in wild the raccoons live in burrows made in hollow trees or in bush piles and underground, their favorite living places are under porches, patios and other structure in locality. The raccoons come out from their dens at night in search of food. They generally eat different kinds of food like—fruit, nuts, frogs, crayfish etc.  In locality they find food in compost piles and garbage cans. Using raccoon bait is necessary because they do much harm. While making their nest they can damage our roof and ventilators and most dangerously they carry diseases such as—rabies and raccoon roundworms.

You can adopt many steps to get rid of a raccoon. One of them is using raccoon bait. Just use fish—flavored food for cat or canned tuna and that will easily lead them to the cage. But as raccoons are nocturnal use these cages at night.

As raccoons are not frightened easily using the right raccoon deterrent is somewhat difficult. You can buy those easily online but loud noise or bright lights are not much effective deterrent. You can use some awful smelling urine of predator or mothballs or ammonia and they are available in the market.

Rodent poison is another option to do pest control. After consuming the poison Mice and rats die quickly. As they seek to drink water, they usually die outside the residential or office building keeping the building clean. And you will never get any odor coming from the dead bodies.