Respiratory Benefits of Isometrics

Isometrics is a form of exercise that uses the resistance of muscles themselves to tighten and strengthen. There is not much movement of the muscles including lengthening and changing positions, as with regular exercise. Instead, it is an exercise that can build and transform fat into muscle, without overtaxing joints. Isometric contractions are also a great way to focus and develop proper breathing and to strengthen the muscles that aid in respiratory function.

Good respiratory habits help to increase blood flow to all areas and increase lung capacity. Deep breathing during a workout not only opens the lungs, but help with relaxation and concentration as well. For those who cannot over-exert themselves during a work-out, isometrics is a great way to exercise. You do not overtax your muscles and it is for all people. Even those that cannot do a lot of physical exertion will find isometrics rewarding. All types of exercise are good for the body. Your body needs exercise and exercise usually leads to better breathing, which we all need.

Isometrics is quickly becoming a popular way to work out. It has gotten a lot of notice and recognition over the years with many health care professionals. It is a safe way to work out all your muscles, increase lung function, and overall, strengthen your body. It is not like running on a treadmill, which can cause you to breathe too fast, or not properly. So, breathe deep and let the air fill your lungs as you stretch, and strengthen your muscles into shape.