Spanish Prime Minister’s Teen Daughters Are Goth?

The Older Generation Fashion Style vs. The New Generation Fashion Trends

It amazes me how times change and evolve. The younger generation
believes that their individualistic fashion trends are better than the older generation’s
sense of fashion style. Moreover, they make personal statements by adorning
themselves with tattoo’s, body pear-sing, and Gothic style clothing. They
honestly think that this is the way they should make their generations trendsetting
fashion statement. However, it only
makes them look and act like freaks. Moreover, they think that the older
generation is just out of touch with today’s fashion trends. However, I feel as
though my generation was more in touch with fashion style then trends. Moreover,
we did not need to make our statements of individuality by dressing up like
vampires. Therefore, I have concluded that the older generation had very
different fashion values then today’s generation.

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Moreover, let us look at resent events; a scandal
broke out over the Goth dressing of Prime Minister of Spain’s two daughters.
Moreover, “Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapaterohis Zapatero has tried to
keep his daughters, Laura, 16, and Alba, 13, out of the public eye but the
picture taken with President and Mrs. Obama has gone viral.” (Cheryl Phillips,
2009). Furthermore, why would he allow his daughters to go to a political
function in Goth Dress and then try to get the photo’s yanked from the
internet? It just goes to show how embarrassed he is of his own daughter’s unprofessional
and inappropriate choice of clothing. Therefore, it further proves my point,
that his generation would never tolerate the embarrassment of publicly
displaying his daughter’s apparent lack of self restraint and loose fashion values.

Futhermore, the older generation
believed in dressing professionally and appropriately for the occasion. We were
taught to never give anyone any cause to single you out for ridicule.
Furthermore, we were taught the value of self restraint and making a good first
impression. Therefore, the repercussions that this one fallacy in judgment will
only further the cause of the younger generation’s lack of values. Moreover, “The black clothing worn by both
girls and the calf-high boots worn by one of his daughter would most certainly
cause Spain’s adolescent goth’s to rejoice.” (Cheryl Phillips, 2009). The older
generation knew better than to feed the younger generations fashion trends.
Moreover, that is the exact reason that he never let his daughters to be
photographed up until now. Furthermore, “The Prime Minister had no idea of this
when he tried to stop the spread of the photo.”

In conclusion, we as the older
generation must guard against the younger generations trendy fashion
statements. Furthermore, we must bring back the fashion values of the older
generation’s sense of fashion style. Therefore, I have concluded that the older
generation had very different fashion values then today’s generation.


Phillips, Cheryl. Posted September
29th, 2009. Spanish Prime Minister’s
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