Truth about six pack abs

For the fitness fanatic, sporting that coveted six-pack is like an alluring temptress – always beyond one’s reach. Of course, there are a zillion how-to guides out there that guarantee that you will develop that body-builder physique in no time at all. These books typically suggest super routines that are supposed to give you muscular abs, a massive structured look, and have you looking like a Greek God. But do you think twice about investing in one of them? Especially if you have been taken by those incredible promises, that are no truer than they seem; after all if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all, right? Well, join the club, exactly my thoughts!

In reality, I was not a strapping youth by a long shot, but I did draw a second glance! And I tried to remain fit and healthy, with regular exercise, sensible food choices and plenty of rest. But all my efforts to acquire those attractive abdominals seemed utterly futile. No, I would never delude myself into thinking that I would one day be that sinewy guy featured on that big brand fashion mag. No. But, I deserved a reasonable chance at building something close to a brawny frame. Nevertheless, I gave up too simply blaming my genes and ready to call it quits.

And then I happened on the Truth about Six-Pack Abs, truly a product to contend with. To be honest, I have to admit that at the outset I was not totally enamored by the claims. Despite my skepticism, my curiosity got the better of me, and I told myself this would be my very last weight-loss book. And it was! The author Mike Geary writes an unpretentious report filled with hard facts on exercising right, emphasizing on the importance of a prudent diet plan, in addition to offering meal suggestions. The Truth about Six-Pack Abs does not merely recommend the right exercises to get a six-pack, but goes a step further and explodes myths about attaining that washboard belly. Provides some intriguing thoughts on that front I must say. Make no mistake, a personal trainer that Mike is, you can be sure this is coming from the horse’s mouth.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a little over a hundred pages of concrete info on the very best ab training techniques. The better part of the book covers strength training, and the most effective ab targeting exercises. Now the book may seem a tag long, but it makes up by providing everything you ever needed to know about ab development. Something like an ‘all under one roof’ store. Mike creates a 20-something list of the top ab workouts, with illustrations and pictures so you know you are doing it right. While over half of them may seem hard to do at home, I can say that if you got a few weights you are good to go.

And Truth about Six-Pack Abs is not aimed only at those seeking to build a true six-pack. It may be equally useful for women who are hoping for a flatter tummy, and a more streamlined figure. After all, a flabby belly is a definite turn off, and can destroy your self-esteem like nothing else can. It’s a rule every ab fanatic will swear by; losing fat around your stomach is the first step to building a strong body, male or female.

So, finally a book that deals with ab training at length, coming from an authority on the subject! But wait there’s more. Mike even shares his contact email to send in personalized solutions to customers. You can also sign up for his valuable newsletter that comes with positive workout tips and tricks. And, considering the credibility of the source, this is almost like working with a personal coach. Get your copy of Truth about Six-Pack Abs now, and build that lasting six-pack.